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May 2018
I was diagnosed with a Major Depressive Disorder.
Who could of known I've always felt empty and alone.
Many sleepless nights
Filled with nightmares and fright
Nothing I do makes me happy anymore
I feel it sometimes, when I spend some time outside
But then its like a dark shadow, reaching above me..
Ready to tower over and hurt me.
My heart races throughout the day
Wishing that I didn't have to stay
So I can lay in bed and think
And let my thoughts sink
Mother calls me lazy
If not often crazy
My mood changes from left and right
Maybe she is right.
Who knows how long this will go
I don't know?
I feel cold and alone
Weak at my bones
Doesn't make sense, I don't make sense
Writing this just made me upset
I don't know if this whole poem makes sense
I mean .. what is there to expect?
Everything is just a mess.
What did I miss? . .
What even is this.
Just thought to type this out to feel better. Sorry if it doesn't make sense.
Written by
Josephine  F
     İrem, Rick the shoe shine boy, Kate G and Meera
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