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MN Columnas Aug 2018
The sun loom around
Floating and crawling, no sound
Darkness just got hound
MN Columnas Aug 2018
Floating in the sky
Patience cannot fly
What stone can just cry
But still they can try

Land and sky can't meet
Who can think to sit
One can act so sweet
Be fat and be fit
MN Columnas Jul 2018
Rain started to pour
Puddles started to tour
One is far from his score
Others want some more

Devastate with ones demise
One can't even help to revise
What use is that device
It can see but can't supervise

Believe in every word that one can say
But sure that one will be able to pay
In his fault, a morning can turn to a mourn day
What can others do? They can't just play

Let not happiness be taken
Don't think you were forsaken
Many can be mistaken
Don't wander in their words that you hearken
Start from the bottom or just the way it is. :)
MN Columnas Jul 2018
Don't wither like you didn't even exist
Show your beauty without the fist
And show them your good traits with a list
But don't cover your God, so wipe that mist

— The End —