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Luscious and green
Pine, oak, maple, and more
The best ever seen
Lilacs, sunflowers, and daisies galore


Pollute, Pollute and Pollute some more
Baby turtles dying
Because of man-made stores
Consumers still buying

Johnny walker Nov 2018
When things were right
had the time of my life
but sadly doesn't always
stay that way
Our ever-changing world
but not always for the
best has it changed
mostly through natural
so much of the
environment Issues we
have caused ourselves
by polluting atmosphere
and caused the green
house effect
Which people are
desperately trying reverse
but I fear to little to late the
damage already was done
for me at my age doesn't
matter quite as much but
feel so sorry for our young
It's their world we seem
so intent on destroying I
think we've almost
succeeded In doing so
The world of our young we are destroying
Kivanc Jun 2018
Killing emotions,
Wanting some sacrifices,
Polluting hearts with judgement.

— The End —