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Mar 2018
outward brain stem hummock
     analogously, (asper bound
minuscule magnum opus)
     figuratively paginated with drowned
atavistic animal instincts

     roar back to life upon found
perceived or real threat adrenaline
     splashes cerebral hemispheres
     triggering body electric
     to become alert as a blood hound

countless millenniums ago
the flight or fight reaction apropos
when savage beasts
     threatened tribe with bro
whizzing primitive creatures some forced tweet crow

wing, thence railing, swooping,
     trouncing dough
main housing small cluster of emo
ting primates (gabbling in primal
     grunts and groans witnessing ruminants

     scurrying to and fro
survival of the fittest danger field
     thus by dint of inherent smarts didst grow
outwitting wily coyote, or other lion eyes, ***
ping automatic saving grace tactics recalled,
when looming predator doth woof
     and warp emergency arises,
     when debacle fore stalled
for time against getting mauled
whereby each subsequent ruse
out foxing fierce-some, hungry non a mew
zing potential breakfast, lunch,
     or dinner as the sorry loo

sir aye sic newt ton, sans this non nonsense game of "Life",
     which thru countless millenniums strategies grew
layered upon left and right cerebral hemispheres few
till hetty became diminished

     as con tra bands of bipedal hominids drew
upon accumulated storied history
     learned from Bubba Zayda's
     many times over motley crew

squirreling modus operandi
     wove (traversing eons)
     corpus collosum hair
     (more so nerve fiber weave

a microscopic whirled wide web linkedin
     left and right fist size gray matter
     coated with transparent integument
     custom made swiftly tailored sleeve

ah...proving grounds,
     when forebears of **** Sapiens
     touch and go tagged on permanent leave
     on par with imagining dragons easy to believe.
Written by
matthew scott harris  58/M/schwenksville, penna
(58/M/schwenksville, penna)   
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