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effie ebbtide Sep 2016
david bowie sang space oddity in two different channels: one high pitched on the left side and one low pitched on the right side. the result is more harmonious than a poptart flying out of a toaster oven. the advertisements for poptarts always show gooey goodness in the middle when in reality it's crumbly crap. why is the word "crap" more acceptable than "****?" why are profanities on a spectrum, and not just this black/white state of good/bad? is it better that way?
maybe i'm rambling at this point; maybe i'm more incomprehensible than conceptual art. either way, i am an either/or blank anti-yes?
how many question marks finish this sentence???
K Balachandran Apr 2016
Human brain, intellect, knowledge, wisdom, logic etc has limits.
Transcendence is a  channel available to experience the incognizable.
Rex Allen McCoy Jan 2015
Tears transform a tranquill room
a sleepless night
over speechless sounds
to misty-eye your sight

My eyes could shut and call this dream
slip back
through slumber's door
Though curious whys deflate serene
I search within your eyes
a light
mear spark
disperse of haze
My touch careses salted cheek
my thoughts
within your maze
A sudden hug
you cling to me
my heart surrounds you tight
You turn away
but snuggle close
You smile
and say
Goodnight ...

— The End —