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km Aug 2020
oh, my love.
how did it get to this?
the safety that I felt with you
has changed unexpectedly.
each day passes
and I always worry.

I love you.
that I know for sure.
but loving you freely,
has become a question in my mind.

please show me.
show me what it’s like
to love without having to question anything.

I am trying my best
but my anxiousness overshadows me.
I miss you.
but I am afraid of being hurt
once more.
sm // i just want this to pass. It hurts having to go through this everyday
km Nov 2019
I am so grateful for you
For making me the happiest I’ve ever been
For making me feel loved
For making me feel safe
And for always reminding me how special I am

I have never loved anyone like I love you
You keep me going
And inspire me to do better

You’re the answer to my prayers
You are the one
The one who I want to build a future with

No matter how hard it may get
I will love you unconditionally
For you are
The love of my life
km Jun 2019
it's been months since you left,
but i still find myself thinking of you
it's been months since you left,
but i still feel the pain you gave me

what did i do to deserve this feeling?
when all i wanted was to love someone
who will love me just as much
and accept me for who i am
km Mar 2019
is it right
to laugh at someone
who's pouring anger
towards someone
for hurting?

is it right
to tell everyone
that she's crazy
just because she's angry?

is it right
that I feel bad
because i was once in the same position
and being angry was my only way
only way of telling everyone
that i was hurting?

is it even right
to bring you back into my life
now that i'm witnessing you do this?

i can tell you've changed
but deep inside
are you still the same person i fell in love with
over a year ago?

here i am
always confused
my indecisiveness
just doesn't help me
move on or go forth with my life

so is it right
to have you back in my life?
is it right?
another oldie i found in my drafts
km Mar 2019
the time came
when i was ready to love again.
you came into my life
like a blessing from above,
i was so grateful for you.

you brought me high up.
showered me with your love, attention and all
but now,
now you left me here hanging.

i thought of you as someone to be with
for a long time,
and even for a lifetime,
but i guess we were never really on the same page.

it hurts to know
that i poured my heart out for you
because i thought you were different
but i guess it’s just one of those situations where
im the only one trying to make it work
km Dec 2018
im at the point of my life
where im just going with the flow
im neither happy or sad
i just feel alone

everyone around me
seems to have it figured out
yet here i am
just trying to get by

this isn’t the life i imagined to have
my anxiety is taking over me
and making things harder than it should be

i just want someone to tell me that it’s going to be okay
but here i am alone
facing everything all by myself

im alive yet i feel so dead
ive never felt this way
uninspired and so unmotivated
i feel like nothing’s going right

i am lost and alone
in this big world full of people
this is not how i imagined life
can someone please tell me that everything is going to be okay?
thoughts at 2am
km Nov 2018
gone too soon—
you have lived all your life
making others happy.

now that I think about it
what a selfless person you are
always putting others needs before yours

you believed in me
more than i ever believed in myself
you were the one
who pushed me to reach my full potential

i wouldn't be the person i am today
and still be the shy girl I used to be  
if I didn’t have you in my life

i thank you for everything
you’re in a good place now
and you will surely be missed.
rip //092418
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