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Gray Roxanne Mar 2020
how come the echoes
of our pasts resonate
with the same tune?
strike the same chords?
climb and descend the same scales?

how is every
sunrise with you a symphony
and every midnight a concertino,
other wordly sounds ringing
vibrations in the corners for your mind,
transfigured by your heart,
carried out through voice
and reflected in
the deep gyrations of your ocean eyes?

(to be continued)
Gray Roxanne Feb 2020
you could imagine
you have been on my mind
as of late

a slight plucking
of my second-to-lowest
heart string

you smirked,
you imagined that you were a musician

you bit the eraser on your pencil,
you imagined that you could conduct me

you stared deeply into me from across the room,
and you imagined the possibility of

a slightly louder plucking
of my second-to-highest
heart string

you diverted your attention to the window,
and you dismissed the thought of "us".

it was not right at that moment

but you feel differently
as of late
the third poem inspired by Yoko Ono's "Grapefruit" for my poetry class
Gray Roxanne Feb 2020
Imagine me
unlocking your eyes
in such a way that
heaven and earth in their
full boundlessness
pour unto me,
osmosing into the depths
of my being

Imagine me



another poem inspired by Yoko Ono's "Grapefruit" for my poetry class
Gray Roxanne Feb 2020
how commonplace:
you, asleep
in my bed, my blanket
covering you all the way up
to your chest
where I lay my head,
my fingers through your hair.

But imagine
how peculiar:
you cuddled up
beside me,
his sweatshirt fastened
to your chest by
your forearms. your
fingers curled softly
around the plush cotton fabric
makes this all
quite peculiar.
Inspired by Yoko Ono's "Grapefruit" -- for my poetry class!
Gray Roxanne Feb 2020
I just want to love you
Until the end of time
I’d prefer to hold you close
Rather than this distance putting us into a bind

I just want to love you
There are still so many years
To fall in love with you more

In the past, the concept of love made me dubious
I had my trust broken, misconstrued and deconstructed
But now I can see having kids and a husband
With you?
Not sure,
But you erupt like Vesuvius

My feelings for you are volcanic and I wish I could hold you
Cradle your head in my arms, flesh resting on floob
I love you most in these moments of utter simplicity
It’s during these times where you speak more transparently

I want to protect you,
Don’t get caught in my life
It burns bright and red hot and
Lava flows,
putrid sulfuric sin

I just want to love you
Even (more) when I’m with him
Because I’m reminded of you
When our song comes on
On a whim

I just want to love you
Even (more) when you’re with her
Things may work out better there,
But my deeds have more flow

I just want to love you,
Hold you close and tell you it’s alright
And lay with you- no pressure-
Until dew glistens in the morning light

I see you everywhere in the corners of my vision
It feels as if it’s all a  dream, or perhaps a
Nightmare, and in it, time rewinds, the scenario switched,
But you would completely change your decision

You wouldn't want me, and I wouldn't want you
We’d lose sight of what drew us together
We’d get competitive, restless
And it would no longer be a question of whether

But I still just want to love you
In a world without end
After we’ve seen it all
And we’re both on the mend

I still
Just want to love you
Somewhere we both don’t know
In a place far away, fog settles,
And under a quilt we burrow

I want to find you again in a place so anomalous
Filled with neon signs, bright lights, and visual overdoses
I will see you seated at a bar, thinking of why you’re here
I’ll approach you
So much having changed that we seem anonymous
(to be continued)
Gray Roxanne May 2017
The cloud.
I am nearly suffocated, forced not to speak of it.
Or else it will hear me.
It will mutate my whispers into horror stories,
stories one hears only when they are wholly
unwilling to.

One second, it's just a sliver of darkness
peering through the slight crack in the door.
Then, the door opens
without my consent,
letting it all in.

the cloud occupies my mind,
the darkness occupies my existence.
Everything is contorted into something
that it is not.
And I completely
lose sight
and right mind
of who
Gray Roxanne Mar 2017
Read between my lines, I tell you.
Read between my lines.
It shouldn’t be so hard for you to understand
That I love you more than anyone ever knew.
Please just read between my lines
And decipher the code
That I will love you ‘til the end of time
And I hope you love me too.

Read between the lines, my sweetheart
Before I depart into the snow
For I need you to keep sound in your mind
The fact that I will never let you go

I know I may sound crazy
But all I say is true
At least to me, and I know
It’s true to you,
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