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Ameer Mikhail Jun 2018
Everyone is famished for love,
Everyone wants a taste of it,
Everyone craves it,
Everyone needs loving.

Somebody do get loving easily,
Somebody don't have the four-leaf clover,
Somebody resort to ill methods,
Somebody act like they don't need love.

Nobody wants to taste the aftermath of love,
Nobody wants to get caught reading breakup poetry,
Nobody likes the thought of depression in love,
Nobody needs the side effects of love.

In the end,
Love is a package,
A double-edged sword.
Where everyone,somebody and nobody is equally interested in it.
Ameer Mikhail Jun 2018
There's this gal in my class,
Smart and beautiful.

When she smiles out of humour,
She pushes boys like me towards the edge.

To the edge of sanity I was pushed,
I think I fell for her.
Why am I being ignored?
Why am I being isolated?
Why am I being talked about?
Why am I being stared at?
Why am I always crying so hard?
Why am I hating myself?
And why am I ignoring myself?

It's not a fault of mine,
I'm just an ordinary human,
Performing my daily routines,
I am not PERFECT,
And why is everyone expecting me to be one?

I am just the way I am,
Accept me or not,
I will be me no matter what happens,
How hard the nature hits me,
I am and will always stay bold,
That's my greatest confession!
Ameer Mikhail Dec 2017
You got me again,
I lost to you again,
Here I go again,
Craving reattachment again.
Along with fear it appeared again,
There it was again,
Your beaming image at my doorway,
Drawing empathy out of me again,
Though I wasn't a part of the equation again,
It all was like 15th of December again,
I'm back to square again,
Sam Smith's Palace is on repeat again,
Wishing I could start over again,
But again,
I am hurting myself again,
One thing I'm asking you to do again,
Is to disappear from my mind again,
Don't catch me reminiscing again,
Ameer Mikhail Dec 2017
I've been thinking about it all day long,
From the moment I first saw your photos,
To the moment I made my first move,
Anxiety was plaguing itself all over myself.
I was on cloud ten if it ever existed,
You played along like we were more than acquaintances,
And fell real hard for sweet praises,
The long-term settings were already on preset.
I fell too hard for you,
Implicating severe insanity to me,
An insanity that cost me my dignity,
As you revealed that was only a one night stand,
Although indirectly it was still a clarion call for me,
But to no avail your bizzare qualities got me shook.
Trading my dignity for your leaky attention,
I wasn't the jack of all trades,
Like the jack on the cards I felt more of myself,
You sent me packing when you left me for dead,
For now I would carry a knapsack with a clear statement,
I have fallen so hard for your true beauty my fair maiden,
But gambled everything risking to get it.
In the end,
The house always wins.
I was the biggest loser.
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