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Kewayne Wadley May 2019
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk.
Our memories becoming this more desirable,
This more delicious.
Just you & I
underneath a chocolate sky.
Counting the stars one by one as we take huge bites.
Lost in our own little world
Just you & I.
Vulnerable to the outside world
without a clue to why
our mouths are covered in chocolate
We'll crunch the stars like the world was ending.
The next time we meet,
We will wait until dark
that way we can take the stars & dip them in chocolate
without need for milk
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2019
With skin the color of sand
I want to go there & walk along the shore eyes first meet.
In another life I am there
Voyaging the soft sand of your smile,
A caress felt soft between you & I.
Hand in hand, grains of sand shift between fingers.
That is just how fast time flies.
Fullness of taste awaken without barrier
The touch of skin soft & warm
To love as we never have in ultimate surrender.
A valley forged of skin.
I want to go there just you & I
In another life I am there
In another life I have walked for days
The thought of thirst never came to cross
Uncovered in mounds of skin
The curve of you discovered in the arch of patience.
Consumed in gratitude
An opportunity set free
From this life to the next.
rhiannon Mar 2019
To lose someone as dear as you

brought sorrow and much pain

and i’d give everything i have

to see you smile again

for you were really special

and precious to me.

I miss you so much because

you meant a lot to me

but all the love i have for you

will never go away

and little sister,

I believe we’ll meet again

to my baby sister,Sienna Grace Paige Boardman
i love you and miss you so much.***
m Mar 2016
honey, close your eyes & taKe my hand
i want our minds to slowly expand
you and me, just us together
versus everyone else, always forever.
tired of always having to obey
planing our own secret getaway;
traveling places we have never been
hidden places noone has ever seen.
when we're not close, i miss your warmth
cuz it feels liKe you're the only
person, that does really Know me
so please come bacK into my arms
and prevent my foolish heart
from completely falling apart
from all our hopeles wishes and dreams -
cuz nothing ever is what it seems.

Found this on my phone. Wrote it couple years ago on train on my way to school.
Hope you enjoy.
Rianna Quarequio Nov 2015
You and I have broken apart – never again will I be so careless.
We made ourselves into a work of art, but we forgot to clean the mess
We made along the way. You were understanding,
While I was “just okay”. You would’ve said anything
To make me love you, but I was oblivious.
I had no idea you felt the same, now all I can do is rue.
I miss you. I miss my best friend.
You miss me like I do. You asked for my heart to lend,
But all I could do was say no. Nothing to send.
There was nothing we could do, the circumstances were rough.
Now there is nothing you can undo, we are both going to have it tough.
Pax May 2015
Would it be okay if I say, I’ve had enough of your presence in my life?
You’re too much of everything I hate
of all the things, you annoy me.
I wish you were gone and would fade away like you never existed.
But still you were there reminding me
of all the wrong things,
The bad memories,
The irritating personalities,
                   The foolish behaviors,
                                   The selfish self,
                                            and lastly
                                   The sad and gloomy
                                          State of mind.

I did something to hide you,
I can simply toss you aside,
Put a mask on your face,
        Do a charade
              Making you aware that you don’t exist,
              and a complete cover-up of make belief.
I’ve done everything possible I can to coat or erase your every existence
But then I realized you’re a part of me
That can never be erased
A reflection of me
The reality of me
You can never be without me   and    I can never be without you
all in all
"i wrote this when i was really down with myself
i always blame myself."

- that's what i said way back when I wrote this last July 2012. Now I've grown to understand myself better, accepting the things that I needed to embrace and just live the way I wanted without hate in my system. Yes, I guess the hate is still there, it doesn't fade easily, we always have our insecurity, sometimes it helps us stay grounded on our feet, but most of the time it hinders us in doing something good for us. I am glad that I found comfort, creativity, acceptance & understanding in poetry without it, I'll be exploding in every path I take...  Thank you for reading my friends.

— The End —