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Gray Roxanne Mar 2017
Read between my lines, I tell you.
Read between my lines.
It shouldn’t be so hard for you to understand
That I love you more than anyone ever knew.
Please just read between my lines
And decipher the code
That I will love you ‘til the end of time
And I hope you love me too.

Read between the lines, my sweetheart
Before I depart into the snow
For I need you to keep sound in your mind
The fact that I will never let you go

I know I may sound crazy
But all I say is true
At least to me, and I know
It’s true to you,
shryl May 2016
will you only have eyes for me?
i don't mean eyes as in looking at other storms
i meant eyes as in am i the only
one that you give that gaze to?

deep brown pools of pain.
pain that makes me
want to hold you and not let go.
pain that makes me
want to kiss you a thousand times and more.

eyes that melt me
and i let myself fall into them
but then feels cold whenever i stayed too long.
seth mcbrayer Dec 2014
its one of these nights
where nothing can help me sleep
im so restless and cant sleep
i need to, i want to, but i cant
my blankets are making me suffocate
my chest is aching, but i think thats just thoughts of you
a lot of things with other explanations i blame on you

Angela Jun 2014
i remember it was almost sunset
and i was sitting on the passenger seat
with you handling the wheel next to me
and we nearly crashed into another car
i could swear i never felt more alive yet terrified
but when you got my hand and told me
"feel my heartbeat"
i placed my hand on your heart
it was beating so fast
but my focus was on your blue eyes
this was the first time i felt something so surreal
it felt like i was starring out to the sea
i got so lost in the waves of your heartbeat and the shock in your eyes
that i didn't realize you started holding my hand
and then you kissed me and i didnt think much of it
because i thought id see you again soon
now i know that i should of kissed you longer
Red Apr 2014
You were the one who stood up
on top of moving cars years ago.
You were free,
careless and happy.
You were unafraid of death.

That's why I liked you,
but you're gone now
and I miss you already.

I will remember you
for the rest of my life,
when I can't sleep,
or when my mind wanders,
whether it's at
midnight or noon.
Thorton Gressler, I miss you and I can't ever find you.
1994 - 4/1/2014

— The End —