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Bianca Reyes Mar 2021
Actions speak louder than words
You’re 80 miles away
And all I have is your absence
Speaking volumes over my love
Bianca Reyes Nov 2020
I walked away from the coldest part of the world
To have the chance to live under the sun
And feel happiness for once
But when I saw you I knew
I buried a thousand suns in my chest
Held your hand in mine
Because I never thought
I’d get to hold the moon
And get to be her warmth
All I want is for you to feel this too
To have you never be alone again
Bianca Reyes Nov 2020
I though of you as the moon
And I as your sun
But we are more than a 24 hour day
You are both heaven and Peter
The place I yearn to be in
And the one who will keep me away
I am a woman of faith now
Carrying my love for you with me
As the cross believers wear
And I’ll say your name like a hymn
Hoping you’ll hear the mesaage
For you to believe you may be loved
Idk anymore
Bianca Reyes Sep 2020
I keep chasing ghosts with you
I don’t know if they are yours
Or if they are my own
Contorted into something unknown
I am haunted by my love for you
Or by the way you look so blue
But I shall chase these ghosts for two
[The usual copy right business thing here]
Bianca Reyes Feb 2019
do you ever ponder me
from being in love with
do you ever dream me
hand in hand through life's
Bianca Reyes Apr 2018
I have loved you for a thousand years
And failed you a thousand more
I get lost in the taste you leave in my mouth
Of blood and salt
And they were both my own
Let us go home
So we can be alone
To hide myself under your touch
All rights reserved under Bianca Reyes
Blah blah blah
Bianca Reyes Apr 2018
I have been living within storms
But it's over at last
Petrichor forms
I have fallen for April weather
With sunflower eyes
The warmest of smiles
April sounds like Spring
Sounds just like you
I never thought of life
Being easy as it is now
All rights reserved under Bianca Reyes
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