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Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
first thoughts
they’re the easiest to remember
paying attention to the first impression
how about you?
hearts vision & perception
Jon Thenes Aug 2018
You Absolver
You're an absorbent feature
You reflector
You question
Retorting mirror
And a fiction
One for a fight
An impression from the night
I collect the picture
After all
You are not easy on the eye
You're powdered pate to heel
In vague mistrust
and effortless tissue white
Danish Zia Jul 2018
That Glowing Eyes Back To Black Rims, Those Big.
Round Fair Face With No Flaws.
Her Chin A Little Bend.
Long Hair, That Crimson Thread
To Her Waist.
Oh Silly Ol' Me,
She Isn't Mine.
OC Jul 2018
Paint for me , in oil,  on canvas
as I  portray
a lush meadow
a curving stalk
and at its top, refracting light
a dew drop
a rainbow of all colors

Sketch for me, with charcoal, on paper
as I detail
the corners of skyscrapers
shadowing long faces
and short names
distant relatives, familiar strangers
as a landmark

Color for me, in water, on water
as I describe
stretched all the way
to the horizon
the scents of a clear night
and tear drops
of pure moonlight
like tadpoles in a puddle
like whales in outer space

Each one I'll take
and balance on all principle axes
I'll sit at the origin
and 'till the end of time
Jon Thenes Jul 2018
..that I and only know
a turn you made
I witnessed this
(secreted from in your blind patch)
You're secret was told in a single action ;
a glance you made
and I knew
the guilty rotter that had made playtime ;
the projection in your mental dreyings

I put aside the impression observed
that I may prey upon your company
on some other chosen day
Alisha Apr 2018
A few hold a wall in front of them.
Pretending to be someone they are not.
Trying to impress the world.
Trying to impress themselves.
We sometimes try too hard to impress that we forget what we are doing.
True friends "may" see through farcades, true friends "will" love you for who you are.... without the pretending.
We stick ourselves in this teenage mindset, thinking that we have to be perfect, flaws are a bad thing. Life has ended before it could begin.

We need to understand that facades, is not open, and dethrones our true nature. For one to love us we need to love yourselves first. ;)
Lara Oct 2017
His voice said
Nice to meet you.
His eyes said
You look good.
His hand said
I want you to notice me.
My head said
Stay away from him.
My heart said
Kiss him.
My voice said
Nice to meet you too.
Gilang Perdana Aug 2017
after its legs got subdued
for the ages of the sun
so stopped a wonder
at a roughly odd

            in which corner
            on the doorless temple
            the first step will begin?

            in which steps
            an arrows hit the rain stream
            so the count be unimportant?

the numeral explode at the sky of your eyes
it's pieces of fragments got scattered
insert in between the niches of
the womb of a language

but none of us can't
utter an intact word
Sam Anthony Aug 2017
Look at me!
No, not at ME. Look at me.
Look at my smart shoes and carefully matched belt.
Look at my tailored suit, custom lining and fitted shirt.
Look at my intelligent tie and newsworthy socks.
Look at my beautifully groomed face, hands and hair.
Look at me, and respect ME.
But whatever you do, don't look at ME.
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