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annh Oct 17

I write to right the write-less, the unvoiced compendium of my experience. A

panoply of shadows between each line and behind the fumbled words miswritten

out of loyalty to the fiction I maintain. The letters which move beneath the page,

scintillating with suggestion, leaving their impression - a glimmer here, an echo

there; they are more honest than the fraught narrative that I deem fit to 'save'. I

write to right the write-less, to balance the unwieldy, to illuminate the intangible.

‘Every act of reading is an act of forgetting: the experience of reading is a palimpsest, in which each text partially covers those that came before.’
- James A. Secord, Victorian Sensation: The Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation
rgz Mar 13
Don't lay down just yet
I know it's not easy
Heavy crowns need rest
you can't up and leave me
You'll take me away
if you take away you
Can you really say
it's that easy to do?
suicide is never easy
Peter J Thomas Feb 2016
I'm too tired,

To sleep,

Devoid of energy,

Yet energised,

Fraught with worries,

Downed by despair,

I am too tired,

To sleep.

— The End —