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Carlo C Gomez Aug 14
Kinetic energy
Without equilibrium

A fixed star
Collapsing in on itself

There she stares unblinked
At stellar remnants

Sprawled face up
In the dry aqueduct

Holding her breath
He won't return
Jean Dec 2018
My heart has turned catatonic.
I’m ready to explode.
All it takes is one good touch
and I’m ready to implode,
but I won’t admit it
untill I have given up my all.
Composed on 12.2.18
Powdered skin,
Brush strokes,
Go coat
those desperate pokes
The shakey nature
Of made up favors
So playful
And able
We are
To Make the devil
Weak in the knees
As he does me,
So what if you suffer
You are but a drop
In an endless sea
No one will notice
When you drop
And you bleed
Just a mixture of rage and pain in threw up when I felt too much and thought my chest was gonna implode.
awknight Jun 2018
What if
in every black hole,
created by loneliness
and forgotten words,
lies a galaxy
created all its own —
remnants of the implosion
scar the beauty
but will
remain a perfect
of the new creation;
from what was believed
to be nothing emerges

Structured by the hands
of a god,
a perfect tracing of
what is needed --
survival is not an option.

Lose yourself in me.
Hello Brain
Jeff Gaines Mar 2018
You watch them implode a building that you helped build!
Written the other day after watching the implosion of the Capitol Plaza Tower in Frankfort, Kentucky. I worked on the interior/wall crew which did all the track & stud, drywall and drywall finishing. It was there where I learned that I didn't care for construction. But, I did make some great friends, money and experiences.

I had hitch hiked up there from Florida on the promise of a job from a HS pal of mine named Louis. He and I always had always great adventures and this one didn't disappoint.

I may make a series of these ...
I'd bet there is a BAZILLION of them floating around in my head
TheRiverStyx Feb 2018
Brain in the freeway.
Synaptic processes.
Love and care.
Swindles and cheapskates.
A quick review of the perception of your existence.

here comes the cadence as the chant of defeat comes again.
Äŧül Jan 2016
Who I took to be my saviour,
Was the very one that killed me,
When I felt really terrorized.

Nuke of loneliness imploded,
Not caring it was not the time,
Night now feels as if eternal.

Contained is this explosion,
Tears haven't fallen since long,
Of dire loneliness it's a gift.
My HP Poem #983
©Atul Kaushal
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