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Tommy Randell Feb 18
I've got a brand new book
With lots of empty pages,
I've got an old well used head
Full of stuff that's not been said
In ages.

I've had days and days of time,
Unsorted lines that end with rhymes,
Scrumpled up memories in a mind
Utterly disorganized,
And I have asked why?

Why not get on with it?
Shuffle up some verses,
Move the brain cells about a bit,
Fire up the old creative furnace,
See what smoke emerges?

Instead, I've looked out the window
At a couple more weeks passing by.
Days have become evenings, diminuendo.
Something will happen, sometime
I've thought, if I give it time.

The brand new book is coffee stained
I noticed as I talked to my Brother.
He has a lyric needs fixing he says,
Writing a song about our mother.
We passed a pleasant hour.

Afterwards I am writing this
As a Keep Note on my phone,
A bit later and I will transcribe it
As the first in my new notebook of poems.
And then I'll keep on going.

I'll fix the lyric and words will flow,
I'll reconnect with what I know.
Lines & rhymes will crackle and crescendo
And out of the furnace smoke will blow.
My Brother knew - Just so.
My Brother has an instinct about me I don't have
Getting older I admit I am becoming less cuddly
Or drawn to people who are fussy & bubbly
A lot of the time I don't say my farewells
And I always react badly to being compelled

I hate... waiting in traffic or queues of any kind
Bar-staff who can't serve more than one at a time
Dogs that yap and yap and yap
Public restrooms that don't have a hot tap

Did I mention dogs that yap and yap..?
Well ok, dog owners too not picking up their crap
Kids disrespecting their Mothers
All kids not listening, talking over each other

People who talk to me because I'm sat on my own
Like I need company or my life's been postponed
I would say cinema audiences but then why would I
Go sit in the dark re-breathing other people's bacilli?

I've never been what might be said to be forgiving
You don't stop being stupid just because you've stopped living
I'm at my most tolerant over a long distance call, but
You might say I'm at my best when you havent met me at all

It has been said I have some good qualities
In that I am totally unmoved by All religion and politics
Smiling to myself a great deal through my day
Endlessly amused listening to what people say

So there it is another day spent unfriending the World
Seeking out the shade as Life's meaning unfurls
Old King Log asleep on the bottom
Solitary & nugatory and trying hard to be forgotten
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JT Nelson Jun 2019
Feelings of aging aches beginning
Creeping in
Creeping in
In morning high snapping
Of joints and bones
Accompanied by deeper moans and groans

My reflection stares back at me now
Whiskered face
Whiskered face
The puffy eyes not younger
The hair I had retreating
I surrendered the troops to a clipper working

I wonder if Dad felt this way too
Numb to time
Numb to time
Boys running circles
Around his life
Did he have time to enjoy the sunsets?
Arke May 2019
you said that aging is collecting ghosts
of everyone who enters your life and leaves
my collection, ambitious, I think of them daily
haunted by those I've loved and lost
Lillian Teresa Mar 2019
One day I'll read this
And ask myself if it were true;
And it always will be,
Even if I can't recall exactly how.

Will I believe I was mean?
Spitfire with scorpion sting,
Gnashing teeth,
Breathing flames like a Phoenix fire?

Or will I be real?
Hurting inside like the rest of us
Insecure and flesh-rotting
Unbelievably happy, in spite of everything?

I'll try to remember
I found an old book of poems from when I was a freshman in high school, and tried to remember how it felt when I wrote them. This is inspired by that.
BeckyH Nov 2018
Remember when you were fifteen
And that boy at school was really keen.
He turned and looked at you in Maths,
Then distracted you from paragraphs
By the way his eyes look when he laughs.
Remember when you were twenty
And male admirers were aplenty.
Before the days of internet dating,
On fleek brows, playas and hating,
Checking likes to assess your rating.
Remember the days when you were thirty,
Evenings spent with nappies *****.
Lack of sleep and funds were low,
Rarely out you'd get to go,
But baby love kept you aglow.
Remember the days when you were forty,
A bottle of wine the heights of naughty.
Tired after a long commute,
Buttons straining on the suit,
Teenage angst along to boot.
Remember the days when you were fifty,
Kids at Uni - must be thrifty!
Mum showing signs of losing her mind,
Face shows the years have not been kind,
Marriage more and more a bind.

Think of all that's yet to come,
And hope that you will find someone,
Who reminds you of all the dreams,
You had in Maths at age fifteen.
Tom Stodulka Jun 2018
Always looking out into the distance,

there is much beyond the window.

Today it’s dappled light, a reminder of Hopkins, from the days of childhood.

Childhood - what is that? So many memories, so long ago;

Getting old is not easy, so many friends ageing so quickly and more travelling beyond the distance, beyond the window.

How is it for me and my family and friends?

My own special mother?

Just heard some old ladies in the ferry say:

Oh, to be young again!

Indeed, to be young again.

@Tom Stodulka)
From 'Storm Clouds & Silver Linings; My Journey' by Tom Stodulka.
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