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Dream Jul 27
On most winter nights I turn on the heater to keep me warm.

Tonight, I turned on my thoughts.
I lay warm in the blanket of memories.
Tonight, I feel warmer than most nights.

The heater was better,
It didn't make me miss being in your arms...
Dream Jul 27
Absurd is the box of memories.

How meticulously created memories cause the greatest agony.

A box only to be opened with you for it to give me ecstasy.
Dream Jul 8
Why didn't they teach us how to get rid of that lump in the back of our throat at school.
Dream Jun 18
Drugs and more

no doubt they've killed my soul.

Knifes and wounds, guns and more

No doubt they've killed my soul.

Arms and veins, blades and more,

No doubt they've killed my soul.

Powder and needles, pills and more,

No doubt they've killed my soul.

No more fear can't live no more,

Im the one who killed my soul.

Euphoric in a second and dead in next

Save us before we rest.
I'm not a drug addict. I wrote this to express how drugs and the "dark" world can "**** your soul" yet you have no one to blame but yourself.
Dream Jun 1
Dear George Floyd.

I write this to you today in hopes that your soul is in peace.

I write this in hopes that your martyrdom won't be another headline or simply another name in the papers. I write this in hopes that perhaps another man of Color won't lose his life to racism.

I write to you today to let you know that we will fight. We will fight so no man has to lose his life because of the color of his skin. We will fight so no race is called "thugs" again. We will fight for another 7 years for those 7 minutes of pain you felt.

Our fight is not over. Our fight has just begun. No man's life will be as cheap as a packet of cigarettes again.

25 May 2020, and George Floyd will be remembered.
Dream Jun 1
Unequally democratic,
Laws made equally,
punishments biased.

Kills for the Black man,
Patience for the white.

"I can't breathe"
He cried.
Phones recorded,
He died.

A black man's life,
At a packet of cigarettes price.

A white man kills,
Yet still alive.

Justice we seek.
What they had promised to provide.
Yet we take on these streets.
Again, to fight.

We take on these streets with your name in bold.
History books will proclaim you as gold.

In hopes that your name will be the last.

We will fight 7 years for your 7 minutes.
We will breathe.
We will breathe.
Dream May 20
Strip me to my core. Without laying your hands on me. And watch me be your, devotee.
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