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Ananya Bansiwal Nov 2018
You're my energy,
with which I let myself be happy.
You're my sleep,
with which I can let myself be at ease.

Your presence makes me feel glossy,
Your absence finds me gloomy.

With you,
My ugliest version is perfect.
Without you,
My perfection is imperfect.

It is just that,
With all the time,
I have been with you,
You've entered all my senses,
Giving all your happiness to me,
You've made me know,
We can weep and smile together.

You mean still more to me. ❤️
Mel Feb 2018
Your an anomaly
A walking contradiction
Your words are Venus and your actions are Mars
You say you wanna be my "*****" but then get back with you ex *****
***** what the ****?

You ignore my texts all day but I don't sweat it, but then you go and say" we need to spend some time together I really really miss you I might tear up when I see you"
***** what the ****?

You say we never link, but then when I plan some you say " I might "
***** what the ****?

I'm tryna see who you got fooled me or the  other *****
She thinks shes getting a promise ring, but
You say "she's just something to do when there's nothing to do" only promises you got are broken one, lies.
***** what the ****?

Update: No longer bestfriends just complicated as ****
I was mad asf when I wrote this, lol. Uhm probably won't even keep it up for 24 hrs. Just need to write my feelings down and vent.
Spooky Babe Mar 2018
I don’t know when this all happened
I didn’t know I wasn’t truly being me
Apparently it’s been going on for awhile
Or maybe I always knew subconsciously

I don’t know why after all this time
I still get butterflies when I look at you
At first glance that sounds cute and charming
But it’s preventing me from doing what I want to do

I often compare myself to other girls
who would never possess a piteous trait
Constantly beating myself up inside
Knowing I’m the reason we can’t date

What I long for isn’t a relationship
It’s knowing that our souls are entwined
You know me like the back of your hand
And I know you like the back of mine
Things aren’t the same am I to blame?
Lana Mar 2018
Ever wondered what it's like,

To be the silver lining to my cloud,

Amidst the cold winter's howls,

To lock eyes with your sweet brown eyes,

Feel their warmth

As they wrap around you like a blanket,

Engulfing you in their safety. 

To be the only elixir of love,

That mimics the joy of the sun. 

Good morning my sunshine;

The love of my life.
Lana Mar 2018
Born into a world,

A place where the nothing was my everything.

Dreaming away a dead life,

Doomed to the broken design.

Goes by a little stretch of eternity;

More than meets the eye,

the soul catches a glimpse of another,

Looks once more to find it's its other. 

Resurrected at the sound of a halo,

The bits of familiarity in the universe of peculiarity,

Resonates across the hollow.

Once more allowed to a spark of happiness,

Sweeter than any childhood dream,

Euphoria is no longer a distant memory. 

A halo full of fire,

The nothing expires,

Burns to the deepest ground 

Scared of the fall,

Dreading I shall crawl,

I touch the ground,

And I lay in awe. 

All I feel,

Is the highest of peaks.

Endlessly hungered for this love,

Bitten by rust,

Floating in the clusters of mistrust. 

Now nothing obstructs,

The mixing of two frigid souls like mist,

The flows of the river of pure bliss,

Fueling the fire of every kiss.

Now I press my head against my pillow in rest,

Knowing mornings shall be the inhales of

Musk and spices off your chest, 

In our little mosaic of truest love.

Seeps into my bones,

All the silver and gold,

Lingers For as long as time can hold.

Flaunting this treasury,

The you in me.
Spooky Babe May 2017
It's been 1 year, 3 months & 1 day
And our paths have finally crossed again
I'm speechless without knowing what to say
But I know I don't want this feeling to end

One day we laid together in your bed
And that's when you closed your eyes
In that moment no words were said
Yet I had to hold in all of my overdue cries

I smiled as I looked at your face
And I felt so relieved and complete  
That I finally had to no longer chase
The boy I was so desperate to remeet

Rather than crying I chose to lay
Next to my favorite person ever
I held him close, eager to relish this day
I swear nothing has ever felt better
For the love of my ******* life X
May 17, 2017 1:04am
Bekka Apr 2017
All my life I have wanted to be him
the one who was there
the one who can go fast
so fast
it was him
only him
Christina L Jun 2016

you don't know me
but I'm the ******* the other end of his phone.
The one nervously waiting for him to text me that he's back home
saying that he had a good time but was glad to be in bed.
I'm the one who holds him when he has a bad day
the one who reassures him that I'll always love him
the one who fell head over heels for him
for his weird quirky dorky nerdy self.
That's me.
Please don't take him away from me,


lonleyflowerx May 2016
all I know is that all the mirrors have been smashed-
I finally got tired of looking into them
and trying to figure out what it is about me,
that makes me so easy to forget
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