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As you get on in years
Most of the fog clears
Killing time in our dark, tiny cells
Before we even know ourselves

We think we know a lot about
The varied mysteries of life

We don’t know ****, really
We’re just hit by it, literally
labyrinth Jul 31
When I’m writing poems
I hastily think I got-’em
The deadliest mistake
That I witlessly make
labyrinth Jul 28
I never was a worthy plectrum
Yet you were a fine instrument
Cruising in your solar spectrum
I got sunstroke to my detriment
labyrinth Jul 26
You were not a weather-fend
Still, I’ve followed your course
Then, we reached a dead-end
Where all feelings got hoarse
labyrinth Jul 25
My mouth’s speaking
Doesn’t mean a thing
Unless the said is heard
Loud and clear by a third
labyrinth Jul 18
Stay in the hood
Safe and secure
A potential good
Will be obscured
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