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I’ve never heard of a dishonest leopard
Or a cheating cheetah for that matter
I haven’t spoken with a corrupt eagle
Doing things I find rather illegal
I didn’t meet with a warlord grasshopper?
Nor a giraffe being the nastiest plotter
Never seen an ethnic massacre of sparrows carried out by pigeons
Or Panda’s killing koalas in the name of panda religion
Neither did I hear a drug-dealing squirrel
Nor a cat applicant with fake referral
Newspapers never read an alligator
Acting as the river’s agitator
No birds to sink so low being the bid-riggers
Or fish terrorists pulling the triggers
These are the problems that humans face
The ultra-superior, ultimate, master-race
These are not even problems, man! Just basics
And we succeed to fail in all. Let’s face it
Being the only incompatible creature
Of the whole system, we call nature
Answer me this! Who are the irrationals?
Honestly though! Us idiots or them animals?
I don’t know who your god is
Jahveh, Buddha, Allah or Jesus
If you keep him on personal level
You’ll have a better fight with the devil

~In Other Words~

If your home’s where your god lives
It will bring justice and peace
If you two start going out, wandering
Things will soon get very troubling
The art of calling everybody brother
While treating the most as the other
Your regret’s actually worth a ****
Unless of course you learn from it
I’m more interested
In hearts love broke
Than hearts love healed
Call that skepticism
Or simple realism
I couldn’t care less
Till you know to love from to possess
Show me your contacts
I’ll tell you who you are
I am a simple man with simple goals
First, I want a world without *******
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