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labyrinth 13h
As Israel has a West to back her
It must be right time to massacre
Remember 9/11? Getting hits
On your soil was hard and new
I figure, however, nowadays it’s
Too much information for you
labyrinth May 19
Though black is black and white is white
The less the equality, the worse the plight
labyrinth May 18
Poet’s job is to put the words
With the backing of the muse
In such an order when heard
They’ll tell you about a bruise
labyrinth May 14
Today or tomorrow
A system in which
Workers only borrow
And labor’s a *****
labyrinth May 11
You think you are so close
Then in the blink of an eye
Fresh target or fresh dose
You’re ready for a new try
labyrinth Mar 5
After all
I’m just a dot
But I know
That’s a lot
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