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James Oct 2021
jagged cliffs jut down into a gully
occupied by a roaring river

alabaster crests of foam
form from the friction
of flowing water
against mossy rocks
scattered along its riverbed

in reverence I stand
a mote by comparison
as the crimson breaks across the sky
James Sep 2021
fatal fingers freeze

fear bursts, flames brilliantly

fuels my whole spirit
#life #death #eyes #heart #love #meditation #om #spiritual #spirit
James Sep 2021
these words mean nothing

the veil of maya I lift

And alone stands god
#life #death #eyes #heart #love #kali #meditation #om #spiritual #spirit
James Sep 2021
I sit under blood-orange skies
A bordello bodhisattva
With eyes shut,
body frozen
beads shifting back and forth
gently chanting devotions to you
until my feet cramp up
and my mind catches flame
James Sep 2021
Sunlit ridges embrace the eager traveler
playful shadows dance and duck
down a bottomless ocean road
birds connect heaven with earth
flaming wings burn to ash
koi swim in fluorescent skies
I stand above, a wanderer in your eye
James Sep 2021
Some day your rolling obsidian waves

will fertilize the ****** shores of my spirit

but for now i sit with dead dog eyes

turned upward

               and opened wide

Searching for eternity

in the bursting plumage

of your midnight lotus
James Sep 2021
junk torrents of suffering
pollute dream pools
and reek of putrefaction

dead fingers dance
down trails of deviant memories

Life’s spectral scream
               ‘I am, but why????’
fills the firmament

frail needs
fragmented desires
mutilated faith
plastic fears

Television static from an infernal midnight

The shells of eternity

             Leaving, blind, bound and broken
                     the children of midday sun
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