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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
If we are addicted to the chase
The rush received when we catch our prey
To a life of fetch I will resign
Bring back each time you run away

Then you are finished fleeing
Feelings will give a shove
And I will switch tired places
Will be your turn to go after my love

Thrown high
Cartwheeling midair
Heart is a toy for you to chew
No matter how distant I lay fallen
For some reason still pursue

You are the bone
Can't resist
Treat I never can earn
We make a boomerang
Without me have no way to return

But if I do not have you I have nowhere
No house to return to
Depend on me to continue flying
Like I depend on you

This game can be played with two
We go back and forth tossing *****
Obeying repeated commands loyally and prompt
Whether returning sticks or missed calls

It does not really matter who chucks
Who sprints after affection wanted
We're both addicted to the thrill
The hunter or the hunted
I am rather fond of this one
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
He was dangerous
He lived in his lair
He pounced upon
Who dared
He made lives miserable
Factious, fractious
Animal of concrete jungle
He was dangerous
He thought
No one could dare
Enter his lair
One day my dog
Fetched him out
He was brought
On the ledge
From a height
He was dropped
Like a hat on the head
Fractured his two legs
He forgot the lair he lived
Once for all
He disappeared
Beware of dogs!
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
I can only throw the ball once

When playing fetch with my dog

Otherwise he gets a complex

Thinking he didn't do it right

The first time
LLillis Jan 2018
A thrown dead stick stuck
In the tree. While I ponder,
The dog is dismayed.
Just another birthday passes-
One thats not celebrated

With all the champagne glasses
And her hair is nicely braided

She doesnt go out
Because of the pain

And she will not pout
Because what will she gain

Shes sits at home all alone
From the bottle she will drink

Like a dog fetching its bone
They both dont stop to think.
Sombro Dec 2014
When I was young
I was addicted to my thumb
So older and still
The child in me beat at its walls

Till I threw him away

I was addicted to tears
Sloshing from my eyes
Like the sight of overflowing
Into my family

Until I threw them away

I was addicted
To doing the wrong
To challenge the right in my life
It eventually won

Until I threw it away

And then, in a burning fever
I knew I was too light
Thrown too free
Of all the human chains to each other

Until I picked them up again

So, the long and short
The nutshell
Throwing away sorrows and accepting
Them back, what's my addiction?

I am addicted to playing fetch with myself
Thanks to Stardust for the poem idea

— The End —