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Jessa M Saquin Mar 2016
Tik tok tik tok
I know it's been a long time
But I'm still waiting for you to arrive

Tik tok tik tok
It's already late,
Still haven't seen your shadows
or any noises you make

Tik tok tik tok
The air seems to be so cold
Now I can hear something breaking,
And a familiar tearing sound.

The sound of a heart that hoped

- Jessa Saquin
English is not my native language, if I wrote something wrong let me know. Thanks
Chalsey Wilder Feb 2016
I train my throat,
To take the smoke
But not to make these lyrics dope
Though I'm here to stay as I hoped
I'll smoke ya spirits and hope you choke
I'm getting better at rhyming guys. So excited cx
Revenant Feb 2014
I had hoped to find a sort of love this fall. One that might have kept me warm through the winter.
I had hoped to make treats and nice things for someone who liked me enough to kiss my face.
I had hoped to find someone who would waste Saturdays at home with me watching Netflix.
I had hoped to find someone to pour my heart into- even if only for a moment.
I had hoped to find someone I could write about- someone who would be good to me.

— The End —