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To My Dear
Once more
I speak from no blind
Without arms
Without an edge
I wish all the while
The well was face to phase
You were once in the hunt
Yet it wasn't your scent I was after
It was your fallen words
Like leaves that still a windy day
I remember that night
You hosted and hoisted my delusions
Pried my pride
With your rules and my rues
Shall a man be so shell shocked
At you
At the chill in the air
The wave of a pointed hand
The weave of lost tapestry
I often think back
At my metamorphosis
I was once told
Your dialogue
My dying on a log
Like tomorrows frog
To take upon a pond
And to jump into it

Logan Robertson

Of all the women I've met she was not the norm, or the spark of my eye.
Yet she was a puzzle. I couldn't figure her out, or come closer. It was looking at twin and that may have been the attraction. The irony being that that one chance encounter having a lasting effect on me, where I do often think about her now.
Rhoemeoh May 28
She smiles when he whispers "girl you are my Peace.
She never thinks to question it
because it make her feel accomplished.
She brags about this man like a mother
doting over her newborn baby.
Little did she know, she was just his Piece of ***.
Written 5/28/2019
No time to be a side piece.
Logan Robertson May 2017
The Belle Rang His Bell

night sweets for knight tiptoeing into her suite
his horse's beat, turning her hoarse red as a beet
please my boughs, she pleas then bows
he rode the road, horse's rose to red rows
as waves mete, cries of more amore for their meet

Logan Robertson

Yellow Moonlight Oct 2018
The throbbing, consuming see
Filling and emptying, bear.
Rushing-- riptide -- ravaging, flea!

It does not dry,
It does not sate,
It serves not to berate

The pushing, pressuring sea
Cleaning and dirtying, bare.
Calming. Candor. Caressing, Be.
Madison Sep 2018
The day that I might you

I caught a ferry

On the final day

Of February.

I moved along

Whistling, unwary

'Til you came across

Turned my cheeks red as cherries.

You moved as if floating

Light and airy

Skin glowing like the moon

Pale as dairy

Perfect pink lips

Sweet as a berry

I knew my heart would break

Were I to simply tarry.

So I asked you your name

As I felt was necessary

Then asked for a date

To which you agreed, merry.

And so we fell in love

Hearts fluttering like fairies

But permanence, we never spoke of

For, as you know

Results may vary.

That all changed the night

You opened a bottle of sherry

And asked, so matter-of-fact

If we might ever marry.

I felt myself turn pale

As the thought was scary.

I'm much too young to make a promise

I must keep 'til I'm buried!

Alas, I wound up here

Looking down the aisle, wary

While your relatives glow

Like the ****** Mary.

Today begins forever.

Are my feet cold?


But, when loving someone like you

These things might be necessary.

So I await the go-ahead

From good Preacher Jerry

Before I kiss those lips

Still as sweet as berries.

You may be thinking

I've gotten myself into a situation, quite hairy

But love itself is a risk

And after all

Results may vary.
A challenge I set for myself to see how far I could go with homophones. I think it worked?
Robert Zheng Apr 2017
i collect stamps
not the mail kind
not the male kind
not the may hill kind
not the mayo ill kind
not the may hue kind
not the maim yew kind
not the mwaya view kind
not the mwayam myeil kind
not the amaway yilovski kind
not the mynsigwi malomisten kind
snot snee smail skind
rot tree trail rind
trotsky braille grind
hot bree hail's tine
don't tell me what is and isn't poetry *******
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2015
I have two persona with very different duality,
I have too extreme of a personality,
And I have a hard time expressing myself to your factuality.

Only veiled my discreet personal past with thin layers of exclamation,
To diverge, veer, or in discrete my own expression.

To die within my own words to save my honor,
Or to stay translucent to dye my tongue in fake color.

For I have failed myself in becoming true to my belief,
For eye to eye I can't seem to meet any sort of relief,

Are these my real eyes point of view,
Or have I realized I been dreaming of you,
Or were they simply all real lies of my personal skew?

This desire to raise your understanding,
But your voice raze my defense to oblivion,
And heavenly rays depart like the moons with wolf howl with your gaze!

Was there nothing of me that sparkled to your kindred spirit,
Was I that loathing of your presence to lose your smile?

No matter as past are like the whim of a sail,
I Know that happiness has no sale.

Believe me when I say I want you to be happy,
But my hunger to eat this precious apple pie will hurt me more,
Much more than my desire to be fit like those men in commercials.

Sorry possibly good looking ads,
But I must cheat on you for good!

Those eight pies, I ate them with pride and prejudice!
For my temptation was hubris!
Trying to play with Homonyms, Homographs, and Homophones! Hopefully people had bit of chuckle as they read the final pay load,
If not was fun reading it at least!
MaryJane Doe May 2014
I'm the prophet in my life
Nothing in my wallet
The only paper that I make
Hold the words of a sonnet
Nothing left but sense
Just the change in my pocket
Safe near my heart
Without a way to lock it
Yeah My style is poor
So who's gonna rob it
When these words
Are all I own

When I can't buy what I want
I learn to live
With what I've got
Cuz happiness
Just can't be bought
It must be found
It must be sought
When I can't buy what I need
I learn I need the change
That's in my pocket
Yeah Change is all I need

I don't buy things on credit
I won't make that promise
My truth is my proof
I'm just trying to be honest
Flying high on life
Blazing tales like comets
You'll never be low
When life has you high on it
My style is poor
But I'm gonna rocket
Cuz the sky is where I fly

When I can't buy what I want
I learn to live
With what I've got
Cuz happiness
Just can't be bought
It must be found
It must be sought
When I can't buy what I need
I learn I need the change
That's in my pocket
Change is all I need

— The End —