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JV Beaupre Mar 2020
Their names are:
Katie, Bobo, Bear--
Max and Buddy,
Sushi and
Grafin Hegwig von Stubenrein*,
Hedy for short.

For 30 years, dachshunds, chihuahuas
and miniature schnauzers.

Chihuahuas are definitely
the undercover dogs,
but dachshunds will burrow too.

Hedy and Buddy at the foot
of the bed, cross- and lengthwise.
Bobo too, but anywise.

Sushi and Max like it
when we sleep on our sides--
preferring the crooks of the knees.

Katie was an armpit dog.

Dogs are mobile and in a pinch
do double duty as a heating pad--
but a cold nose on bare skin
is welcome in the heat of the summer.

Night or nap, the company is welcome--
Did we rescue them or did they rescue us?
* Duchess Hedwig from Housebroken
Martin Mikelberg Feb 2020
*shikaree=a big game hunter
Kathleen Jul 2019
Sometimes you wake up and your plans for the week have burned down.
You find the owners of the buildings got into a fistfight,
blaming each other for its destruction and were arrested.
I guess that means we can check it off the list of things to say goodbye to.
Time to renegotiate and go for something like that hole in the wall pizza joint with all the awards on the wall.
Time to kayak on the only part of the LA River that isn't concrete.
Jordan Hudson Jun 2019
Search it up type it in
See where it from cover the VIN
Then they think it legit
From Japan
I will and I can
Make them think
Watch me and see
I stand here dazzled and confused
I be wondering what I can choose
So many choices all in a row
On the table what do I know
One right here, one right there
Another one there, flyin' in the air
On the wall are words
But I can't read that, where are the nerds
Can I get that translated?
Can my mom just make it?
I can't be doing that
I am so confused
I speak English
I only eat your food
Can I get a menu
With English on it too?
I love what you eat
And I love that you can read
But I can't read symbols
They're only there to see
I read letters that make up words
Even though I got symbols on my shirt
Even on my car, all over to see
But just know that I cannot read
They are there for looks
And online is all it took
Search it up type it in
See where it from cover the VIN
Then they think it legit
From Japan
I will and I can
Make them think
Watch me and see
sushi bars
Caught from that rich jade
Sea, you slice me thin, bearing
My raw abundance
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
I blush at the thought
of reading any of my
ancient poetry
I've come a long way from writing love notes and carving little messages on the walls of bathroom stalls
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
in an old notebook
I found something disturbing
on every page
...dated January 2018
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
little ball of fur
claws and sandpaper kisses
too pure for this world
inspired by a bobtail kitten I rescued that bears a striking resemblance to that little cat from those Shrek movies.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
I forget their names
and I din't visit them, but
they're like my children
don't **** with my children
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