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Mother, mother
Where have you gone?
The sky's have stayed dark
The tide has retreated
The fish have left the sea,
Mother please!
Put my ill mind at ease
Give us a cure for this disease.
Black hole
Swallow me whole
Wallow in it
Wallow alone

Devour me slow
Soak up my soul
Tear at my skin with your teeth
There is no ground beneath my feet

Icarus flew too close to the sun
I run, i run, i run
AavelinaJaden Feb 2020
if this is the end I do not wish to see it coming
but I can't unsee it
I can't unsee it
I can't unsee it
when a domino falls
does it even make a sound
does it wish to unhear the wind
AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
its either



AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
ive been wallowing in a puddle of my own sadness
hope I drown in it
AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
This aching,
its hollow.
I feel it bouncing between my ribcage,
hear it echoing down the corridor of my mind
what once were steady hands began to shake
flightless bird
death looks cold on you
AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
we exist
simply together
in pockets of happiness I keep in my coat
our love like fireworks
sudden, beautiful, fleeting
these colors wont last I know
my fear warp into a quilt that rests on our bed
an eyelash on your cheek
hair down the shower sink
the world doesn't stop just because I hold mine in my hands
im losing seconds of you to myself and im
holding tight to something that isn't gone yet
holding tighter and never letting go
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