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AavelinaJaden Feb 2020
if this is the end I do not wish to see it coming
but I can't unsee it
I can't unsee it
I can't unsee it
when a domino falls
does it even make a sound
does it wish to unhear the wind
AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" thought Sara, the night of the long-awaited sleepover. It was a full moon and the girl was ready for a fun filled evening of margarita's and gossip, wine and wisdom, and for the Games to begin. One simply didn't hear of a ladies night in without card games.
     Sara invited the four most deliciously nasty of her school colleagues to come over and join her for a night of activities and stupor. Graciously accepting and in turn all arriving fashionably late. The first two of the girls showing up together, twins completely opposite in nature, and the latter of the two, showing up each exactly 5 minutes apart like it was planned.
    They waited in a rather large living space, made smaller by the earthy furniture tucked neatly inside every corner. The aroma of lavender and sage drifting down from the incense gave a comforting atmosphere putting the girls at ease. The group of young girls, looking all very similar in size and shape, rather plain looking really against all the extravagant furnishing sat around an equally beautiful ancient oak coffee table.
     Sara obviously doing her best to be a host, offers her a guests banana pudding to the group, a more lavish delicacy then some of them are used to. Homemade, the recipe was handed down from her great grandmother. The kind of recipe that wasn't written down , but simply taught  from mother to mother. Blinded by Sara's hospitality and the grandness of her home none of the newcomers realize that she never eats the pudding herself.
     After the girls had snacked to their appetites content, Sara broke the ice. "So, ***** uno?" and taking a sip of wine, she brought out a rather unusually sized box of uno cards from a drawer in the coffee table they hadn't seen was there. "girl, these cards are bigger than my FUTURE" joked one of the girls, a year more advanced than the rest.
"hush," scolded sara "Now, the rules of the game are, DRINK whenever a specialty card is played against you, and if you win you can make a girl take off any article of clothing you want" Sara ended the last rule with a wink at each girl. After-all is this not a party?
     The walls were aligned with shelves. Shelves covered in bottles of liquor. Any kind of liquor one could think off. A dream bar. Sara, transforming from host to bartender,
     The girls in turned looked at each other one by one slightly put off by Sara's enthusiasm. However, they were already there and it would be rude to interrupt and leave. The night continued, the drinks kept being poured, the cards were going around and around in a dizzy blur.
     The ambiance of the night got wilder and wilder. Sara seeming to stay sober although none of the other girls noticed. Between the incense and the alcohol
AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
its either



AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
ive been wallowing in a puddle of my own sadness
hope I drown in it
AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
This aching,
its hollow.
I feel it bouncing between my ribcage,
hear it echoing down the corridor of my mind
what once were steady hands began to shake
flightless bird
death looks cold on you
AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
we exist
simply together
in pockets of happiness I keep in my coat
our love like fireworks
sudden, beautiful, fleeting
these colors wont last I know
my fear warp into a quilt that rests on our bed
an eyelash on your cheek
hair down the shower sink
the world doesn't stop just because I hold mine in my hands
im losing seconds of you to myself and im
holding tight to something that isn't gone yet
holding tighter and never letting go
AavelinaJaden Apr 2019
when do you stop saying "I wonder what he would think of this"
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