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JR Taveras Jul 3
Talk about it
JR Taveras May 16
She is a tall glass of water on a summer’s day
She sits in the sun and condensation only amplifies her glow

Full of character, despite her titillating transparency
For every cold cube of ice, is one who took her for granted

Some try to drink her all at once, but
Such a fine glass must be sipped from before it can be drank from
JR Taveras May 16
I was born at war
They hid it from me at first
But I could see the wounds lingering
After each and every one of the ****** battles

They didn’t have to tell me
I saw the coldness of soldiers in their eyes
Stranded on a battlefield
Alone with the enemy

But they weren’t alone—I was there
What they don’t know is that after all these years
I have battle scars too
Because I spent my childhood in the midst of battle
JR Taveras Apr 25
The trees have begun to fill
Every morning I see
more miraculous
Green and white
A new beginning
JR Taveras Apr 25
Be patient with yourself
Be patient with others
Because no one has it all together
JR Taveras Apr 13
Rare are the nights that your smile doesn’t tread  my mind,
That I don’t smell your perfume within a scentless room,
That your skin doesn’t trigger the nerves at the tips of my fingers,
That with silence doesn’t come the voice to which I was destined to succumb

I miss you
JR Taveras Apr 13
Endless envelopes of paper mail
But hands tremble at the presence of one unaddressed letter,
The card stock glances around, tantalizing to Whomever is caught by its wandering eyes,
As they gently reflect the suns bright glare

As if tempting each of us to open it,
A letter with no return address and no destination simply sits,
With it’s stainless skin—like freshly fabricated silk,
Pleading for a curious soul with whom to share its contents,

Its slight edges sit and yet intimidate
They must surely pack a sharp punch when provoked,
No one dares step to the unaddressed letter,
Fearing that one droplet of our unworthy burgundy blood may be enough to permanently stain the stainless
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