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Elle Dhani Aug 2022
Love, he gave,
reciprocated not behave

His goals were colossal,
not as high as mine's mime

He made flowers coated in wine,
with fine strokes and time,
he'd never felt I was lost,
bleary and unkind

in storms,
he ceaselessly heads to mold,
healthy vines...
Elle Dhani Aug 2022
combatting dwindling steps,
inhibitions are crumbling,

a stray from gray bushes,
no strokes to follow,
meld in the silence of hollow

whims to unveil gleaming
holy grail,
slapping torches and fires to season prevails
to all the people who felt they are alone...I can feel every pain you are into..don't worry, everything happens for a reason..let's keep on fighting.
Elle Dhani Jul 2020
I hated it when you called me 'mine'
when there's no us now on the line
Elle Dhani Jul 2020
Gloomy weather, windows are open
Someone sent me a message,
asking "you sure, you're alright?"
Next to mine, a hot tea and I sip a little,
and thought, a 'yes' would be nice

The winds' not so friendly

I smell the quietness of the forest

I'm drowning in well
For the people whose feeling down and emotional these past few days specially whose feeling that they're hopeless. I pray for your healing. Everyone deserves to be loved and should be given an attention they deserve to avoid loneliness. Godspeed.
Elle Dhani Feb 2020
Think you could've escape reality
when everything's blurry?
why bother to hurry?

     You've tried to pull over,
but the trigger take its own flight
     I must say, these are "regrets of stitches "
Elle Dhani Feb 2020
You have to endure the pain,
So you'll get used to it
Even railways' light's unkind
To unveil courage
and skew the right wind

You have to endure the pain.
Elle Dhani Dec 2019
when today's a loop,
where would I look?
if today's aloof,
would you be loof?

have you asked yourself?
to not be a commoner of your own elf ?

where would you like to be define?
if you're not fine?

hey, I see no time,
would you be now be refine?

If today's a loop,
would you choose a good scoop?
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