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Elle Dhani Apr 21
Oh, the secret warlock
of your bad intentions

never let others pull your corrections,
push them with inhibitions

be caution, careful what you wish,
or else die inside will be your kiss
Elle Dhani Apr 21
Missing the old hues,
fades through use,
bottom's up
and never down,

got no branches to hold,
please let me know when it is not cold

this was not about one ***,
that breaks someone's heart too low

above all the rainbows in the town,
it was hard to left your soul behind

knowing all the memories were left unkind,
maybe part of it blown my mind,
wishing tears were buried inside the eyes,
til time went old, now I shred and choose to be blind
Elle Dhani Apr 20
I am the ice
on the breaker,

let me know what's right,
for I not to be left

I tried being shallow,
but I swallowed

**** the butterflies,
I'll name it white lies
Elle Dhani Apr 20
no worries,
no doubts,
no hate,
oh how pure
wanting past to recent,
but hey, no,
like the old times,
it fades til dawn,
and face thy order

— The End —