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taylor kathleen Jul 2014
life can deliver unexpected news
the way you handle the outcome is something to choose.

hazel grace was young when she was dealt her fate
cancer consumed her thyroid then lungs, she deteriorated at a slow rate.

she never did give up, even when hearing her mother's sobbing whispers of believing she would die
hazel regained strength enough to attend activities in the literal heart of jesus with the ball-less, guitar guy.

then one day augustus waters appeared out of the blue
blind isaac's friend without a leg and a half smile hazel viewed.

he stared at this sickly teen with compassion and curiosity in his eyes
hazel stared back wondering why anyone would fall for a person that would soon die.

augustus pulled out a cigarette and placed it in between his teeth
a metaphor that could never **** him but brought comfort beneath.

after the lesson he immediately made plans to watch a movie
he drove like a maniac but hazel thought he was pretty groovy.

the time she shared with this new soul was overwhelmingly amazing
the cancer was soon forgotten and their mutual desires were blazing.

she revealed her one kept secret- an imperial affliction
her favorite book and his the price of dawn- max mayhem's adventures became her new addiction.

he loved her natalie portman style, oxygen tank phillip and witty charm
she loved how he never let his cancer make him feel alarmed.

he was on a roller-coaster that only went up, that was his daily quote
hazel felt intrigued by this optimistic note.

she slowly relapsed when water filled her lungs
telling her dream guy to leave this grenade while their love was still young.

after a youth-cancer meeting, isaac grabbed monica's ***** and repeated two syllables to this pretentous ****
and when hazel and augustus listened to "always"- he knew he could never let his new soulmate run.

monica ditched isaac when hearing he would lose his sight
augustus let his best friend break his existentially-fraught free throw trophies and throw eggs at her car with all his pain and might.

phone calls/texts quickly showed "okay" was hazel and augustus' term
this was a word that portrayed their love could always be reaffirmed.

a swing set in hazel's backyard soon brings her to tears
augustus helps her give it to a new family to use for many years.

they fell in love with the way you fall asleep, slowly then all at once
their love grew unbreakable in those shortly shared months.

although augustus knew the world was not a wish-granting factory
he had a plan that he believed hazel would think satisfactory

hazel's dying wish was used in disney, augustus ashamed but still kept his for the perfect time
to see author peter van houten was a dream for hazel and he made it come true- they would see him in amsterdam while still in their prime.

a night in amsterdam hazel will never forget: drinking star-infused champagne and eating decadent food with a boy who wore a suit for the dead
later they shared intimacy and hazel grace left a diagram for her love- augustus was no longer a ****** with one leg and he chuckled at what she said.

the next day they went to see the genius van houten and hazel dressed like ana trying to contain her emotions
turns out he was simply a rude drunk and after calling him "******-pants" they stormed out but the ****'s stewardess came with a kind notion.

she took them both to the house of anne frank
sharing a kiss words cannot describe, they left and gave thanks.

before leaving back to the states, hazel could tell augustus holds back
he finally states the cancer lit his body like a christmas tree and hazel's heart felt attacked.

back in indiana she cares for her dying lover
she finds him trying to buy cigs and infected from his disease, he was trying so hard to cover.

augustus knows he is going to die so he asks isaac and hazel to meet him in the literal heart of jesus, each with a eulogy
he wants to attend his own funeral, hearing isaac crack jokes and hazel thanking him for their little infinity was stated so beautifully.

a few weeks later augustus dies
no energy for living, hazel cannot remove the tears from her eyes.

she did not share her heart-felt letter at his funeral because she wanted their love to remain within each other's hearts
she dictated kind words then was greeted by van houten, finding out his daughter was ana and died from cancer, drinking eased the fact that they would always be apart.

isaac relinquished to hazel that augustus wrote to her before his time ended
van houten e-mailed his writing and her heart was truly mended.

reading his ideology that he liked his choices of who hurt him and he wondered if she did too
taking in this precious letter hazel whipered, "i do augustus, i do".
#tfios #poetry #summerbook #hazelgrace #augustuswaters #truelove
Chauncey  May 2014
Chauncey May 2014
Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a boy who say and read all day and all night.  That's all he would do in his spare time, read, read read.  Now, this boy wasn't hard to find in a crowd due to his brilliant blond hair and his misty blue-green eyes which seemed to be as if fog had rolled into a swamp and created a beautiful tranquility.  This boy, was made fun of for reading, for not knowing things, even for having glasses.  They called him things like "******", "four eyes", "stupid".  These words hurt the boy more than anything he could ever imagine.  So he buried himself deeper in books.  He wandered down the halls of Hogwarts from Harry Potter, and slept in the cabins at Camp-Halfblood from Percy Jackson.  He watched on as tributes killed each other in The Hunger Games, and flew with the flock in Maximum Ride.  But one day, something  happened to this misty eyed boy.  He moved schools, with new faces and new insults.  Except, the misty-eyed boy was never called names, never made fun of.  He was accepted, people talked to him without calling him a name.  And he started to respond.  Slowly, he emerged from the pages of the books he had been buried beneath.  When he emerged, something caught his eye.  A beautiful girl, one with auburn hair and hazel eyes that shone like the full moon on a clear night.  She made him feel happier than he had ever felt, and the names that had clung to this poor boy fell off.   This misty-eyed boy decided one day to give his heart to this hazel eyed girl.  And that's when something amazing happened, she gave him hers in return.  And they were happy...for the time being.  As the boy began to talk more and more, he started to read less and less.  He went online and made friends from all over the world.  He indirectly hurt this hazel eyed girl, and she started to take her heart back.  That misty eyed boy tried his best to convince her that he was the right one to hold onto it, but she gave it over to somebody she had met online.  The misty-eyed boy was devastated, he began to do the one thing he had wanted to do all his life.  He wrote.  He wrote and when he did the world seemed to stop, nothing mattered anymore, there was no hazel eyed girl, only him and his emotions.  And the boy was happy.   The boy wrote and wrote and wrote, stealing glances at the hazel eyed girl whenever he could, smiling slightly as he remembered all the fun that they had had together.  One day, the girl gave the boy her heart again, and he felt that feeling that he had felt only once  before in his life.  The misty-eyed boy was even happier.  And they stayed like this, but not even a year later, the hazel-eyed girl started to take her heart back.  She turned to another boy, one who's blond hair was shorter and his eyes were a deep blue like the sea.  He charmed her with his kindness and his grace, and when the misty-eyed boy complained, the hazel eyed girl and the sea blue eyed boy lashed out at him.   And the boy was sad again.  He wrote, but this time, he could not forget about that hazel eyed girl.  He felt the pain envelop him and consume him.  He gave up multiple times but couldn't surrender because he knew if he did he would hurt those who loved him.  Before you give all of your sympathy towards this little misty eyed boy, you must know this.  He too, had let his demons out.  Twice in this story did he make that hazel eyed girl cry, and cut and give up.  He said things that made her feel horrible about herself, he did the things he promised he would never do.  He became a monster.  But that ended as quickly as it arose, and the boy felt horrible.  He sat in his room, crying because he knew that that girl had scars because of him.  And that little misty-eyed boy sat and wondered, what would have happened if he had just stayed buried.
Nekhbet Hermit  Sep 2019
Nekhbet Hermit Sep 2019
I named her Hazel, after a tree, or a nut, or eyes I had yet to see.  It's ironic now.  Children run up to ask, "what color are Hazel's eyes? " "well they're Hazel". Her personal color, something special and all on its own.  In truth hazel is just a color,  just a tree known for overpriced nuts that taste good in chocolate.  But I wasn't worried of any of that.  I was searching for a feeling.  Hazel.  Warm as a breezy summer day.  Hazel, as comforting as a spot by the fireplace in winter.  Hazel,  with a bright smile who waves at all the strangers who forgot that a new friend is just a "hi my name is.." away,  "Hazel."
Old women always smile and say,  "that was my aunts name"... "you don't hear that name much anymore".
Sentimental and nostalgic, I wonder where that name takes them.
For me,  it just feels like home.
Taya  Aug 2015
Hazel Eyes
Taya Aug 2015
His hazel eyes,
gave me hell
made me question
my right to dwell

Hazel eyes
looked at me
made me want things
that can never be

Hazel eyes
hold my own
filled with secrets
I can never own

Hazel eyes
make me scream
tears flow
like a stream

Hazel eyes
know me too well
they know everything
they put me under a spell

Hazel eyes
should not be trusted
they have killed
a part of me
a deadly sin
Terry Collett Mar 2013
Hazel wants to put off going home, she
Loves Paris, and being with her maid Dunne
Has somehow made it seem to her that much

More enjoyable, much more than she thought
When she started out from London, but each
Day now, each moment, seems to bring her to

A closeness she has never had with a
Maid before. She watches now as Dunne sits
Beside her outside the restaurant on

The Champs Elysees, the way she holds the
Cup, the head to one side, the eyes focused,
So aware. The clothes she had bought her for

The trip to Paris fit her well, and she
Looks after them as if she were afraid
They might spoil in the noonday sun, folds them

At night so precisely, so carefully.
Hazel sips her coffee, the noon sunshine
Warms her. Dunne examines the menu, tries

To understand the French written there, her
Finger running down the list. Hazel wants
To place her hand over Dunne’s, feel it, sense

The life there in the pulse. When Dunne helped her
Bath the night before, her hands were so soft,
So gentle, her attention to detail,

Her touch. Hazel sighs. Less of a maid now,
At least she sees her less so, seems more a
Companion, yes, that’s it, she says to

Herself, companion. The word seems odd
In her mouth, like saying Doris instead
Of Dunne. A class thing, she assumes, that seems

To separate, putting people into
Different boxes. Dunne sips her coffee
And looks at Hazel. The eyes seem to drink

Her in. Hazel shyly smiles. If her friend
Margaret had not let her down at the
Last moment she would not have brought Dunne; she’d

Have made love to her Margaret in the bed
At night rather than lie there watching Dunne
And listening to her breathing. Yet she’s

Glad now that Margaret hadn’t come, the
Relationship had grown stale. Now there is
Dunne. Fresh, alive, sitting there beside her,

Just a few inches away, bringing a
New dimension to her life, and pushing
To the back of her mind, the desire

Awaking there, a want, and muttering
Silently to herself, looking into
Dunne’s eyes, help me to resist, gazing at

The lips, wanting to touch and to be kissed.
Anggun Russell Feb 2012
Those hazel eyes
Are staring at me
With no words
With no sounds
It's as if they had a million
Words locked

Once I was told
"Eyes never lie though they can't speak"
Those hazel eyes
are telling me
"Words are never enough"

No need to speak
No need words
Those hazel eyes
Are telling me everything

The world stops for a while
And so does my heartbeat
I'm slowly falling on my knees
While staring at those hazel eyes
BrookGina  Dec 2014
hazel eyes
BrookGina Dec 2014
Him, and those
hazel eyes
is all I see in my puddle of cries.

green eyes
the color of earth
like his zodiac sign.

I said I was done
but went back
one last time.

hazel eyes
broke my vows.

left me with
many questions,
many whys and hows?

hazel eyes can never be trusted again,
hazel eyes killed apart of me,
a deadly sin.
Travis Green  Jul 2020
Hazel Eyes
Travis Green Jul 2020
Your hazel eyes are like
the amazing, green valley
that glisten in the springtime
breeze where the peaceful,
romantic landscape
flows harmoniously with time.
Your hazel eyes are like
bold, golden sun
that stands in it’s
own grandeur,
surveying the immense nation.
Those hazel eyes
captivate me
as I long to embrace them,
to gaze at their gentle
and glamorous radiance,
their eternal, celestial dynasty.
I adore your hazel eyes,
how they utterly charm me
like the richly brilliant stars.
There are so many innumerable,
vividly intoxicating words
that exist in those seductive hazel eyes.
They are the astonishing pleasures
syncing to my soul,
so spontaneous
shouldering boundless devotion,
interchanging from gorgeous greens
to intriguing browns.
I am love-struck over those hazel eyes,
how they remind me
of the hypnotic and aesthetically
desirable trees,
Oh, how I cherish your hazel eyes.
They are truly a masterpiece.
Terry Collett Apr 2012
Kenton comes to tea.
Dunne serves at table.
Kenton knew Hazel

even as a child.
Her late father’s friend
watches Dunne pour tea

into his teacup.
Your dear father’s death
was quite sudden he says.

We were in Paris
touring when news came
Hazel says softly.  

Who was the other?
Kenton asks Hazel.
Dunne here my maid came.

Oh I see he says
gazing at Dunne’s thighs
hidden behind cloth.

He was a good man
Kenton says firmly
I’ve known him for years.

Dunne wants to refute
but remains silent.
Her master’s abuse

of her sexually
remains in her mind.
Hazel looks at Dunne

she knows the secrets
knew her father’s deeds.
Kenton rattles on.

Hazel remembers
her months in Paris
with Dunne at her side.

Art and galleries.
Cafes on corners
smoking and drinking.

Talking and laughing.
Both of them bathing
always together

touching and feeling
kissing and holding
in one bed at night.

Dunne slices the cake
pours Hazel’s black tea
her blue eyes searching.

Kenton eats his cake
talks between mouthfuls
spluttering small crumbs.

Dunne studies Hazel
her eyes *******
her tongue like a snail

moves slowly between
her mistress’s thighs
her hands embracing

the smooth naked skin
in her memory.
Hazel looks away

the room is so warm.
She knows that soft stare
****** and hot

and she whispering
more of that don’t stop
scratching through the air.

Dunne hears her and smiles
pours Kenton more tea.
He is unaware there’s love in the air.
Jayesh  Jun 2018
A Hint of Hazel
Jayesh Jun 2018
It wasn’t supposed to be like this
Never had I imagined this
After I first saw you
Sitting in the corner of the coffee shop
Sipping tea with a hint of hazel
Matching the light in your eyes

I used to love that coffee shop
One we went back to many times
At least at first
You would order the same tea
With the same hint of hazel
And I would adore your acute audacity
Ordering tea in a coffee shop

I had friends who told me many things
They hadn’t been afraid to see the truth
Telling me we were moving too fast
Not really understanding where we were
But instead taking the present to define everything
Perhaps I should’ve listened

I had thought you were what they describe as ‘The One’
But your brilliance in my life
Blinded me of many things I should’ve paid heed to
Placing me on the edge of your storm
Instead of reaching the eye of it
As I should’ve

Maybe this is why the movies are fictional
They only exist in our lives until the end credits
Whereas I lived past them
And witnessed the reality
Beyond the list of directors, producers, and actors
Living in a cycle of after-credits

We went to that coffee shop one last time
And I looked
Looked for that same spark which I had latched on to
All those years back
But this time I truly saw you, past the light
This time you ordered coffee
Black, with no hint of hazel
Meg Howell  Jan 2015
Hazel Eyes
Meg Howell Jan 2015
What a quite adorable name for an eye color
so bright
so beautiful
That's how I felt about you
And perhaps, I still do
I just wish you knew
Because, hazel eyes, all I can see is me and you
Traveler  May 2013
Traveler May 2013
Since the days of my youth
My magic prevailed
No smoke and mirrors
No fear of hell
This part of me has never died
Hidden behind Hazel Eyes

Beyond sight the description of soul
Blacker than black, lower than low
Ignorance to cover up my wise
Hidden behind Hazel Eyes

Love and hateful molecules compress
Chemical reaction under my breath
Angels and demons cling to my side
Hidden behind Hazel Eyes

The laughter of spirits ring in my ears
Invisible beings long to appear
October moons stand still in my skies
Reflected in Hazel Eyes...
Traveler Tim
For those of us cursed with hazel eyes...
Or blessed:)
re to 07-17

— The End —