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The Noose Jul 26
This is where we were
When I showed the dark
On a bench
that sweltering heat
On a summer night
In the belly
of the city
devoid of soul
nor substance
This is where we were
you said to me
this is not you
this is not your life

This is where we were
You looked at me
With a look
That said
I don't know a better place.
The Noose Mar 18
Dear you
Dear me
the inside
of the inside
of the inside
there, there
I'll meet you there
this doesn't have to hurt
you've lost so much more
you don't have to
close your eyes
there is no pain.
The Noose Mar 18
the blooming
sea of flowers
at the dawn
of the first deceit.
The Noose Mar 18
Something shifted that spring
The gentle hands that which caressed my bare back
Became a claw
Ripping my fragile atoms
With confusion and horror
Another faceless thing
Pulling me into the mist
Fade to black
I folded my soul over
The tremble found it's way
To the surface
In the spaces between
The cracks in the foundation.
The Noose Jan 17
"I should live in salt for living you behind"
The Noose Dec 2018
I hope you'll have
the strength the clear the road you are on
You are a conquerer
I know you'll have the heart .
The Noose Dec 2018
This isn't midnight
This is the cold grip
of a nightmare
reminding me
some things
can't be escaped
This is me
lowering my gaze
to not make
eye contact
with the agony.
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