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The Noose Jan 21
my dear
where are you?
are you resting well
as for me
i ached to bloom
all my petals
scattered on the ground
on this strange land
i am sorry
i am failing to be
i miss you.
The Noose 2024
The Noose Jan 21
when I think of you
what made you, you
the warmth that poured from within you
your selfless loving heart
what could have been
the ache is so sudden, so acute
my whole world drops dead
the quiet, howling
in still waters of memory and regret
you are so near and yet so far
my dear
where are you
are you well?
The Noose 2024
The Noose Feb 2023
There's blood
all over everything I love
Even when dawn
breaks the darkness
some nights never end.
10 December 2022
The Noose Feb 2023
He is pain
He is light and love
Cocooned in his sublime presence
Hazel eyes that glimmer in daylight
I feel as though I'm to depart from this life
He possesses tenderness
in the way he moves and talks
A delicate man
He is pain
He is mine.
4 April 2016
The Noose Mar 2022
Losing you has been the most fundamental loss of my entire existence
It's like yearning to go home
But not being able to go ever go back
Or desperately trying to get a hold of
something intangible
my feet unsteady
On the muddy terrain of grief

For the both of us
I vowed to carry on
I must
Just often times
the air
gets hard to breathe
And I yearn for you
more than you'll ever know
My hands shake
The will be is
I am weighed down
with guilt, shame and fear
I would sell my soul for a room next to yours
I would have lassoed the moon to present it at very your feet
Forgive me,
I never bought you a pair of shoes
I never had the chance

The living have to live
Time keeps staggering on to nowhere.
For my mum
The Noose Jan 2022
Silenced and bruised by the mourn
written in December 2018
The Noose Jan 2022
I know you when you delicately stitch the fragments of your unbecoming
When everyone else is reaching is reaching for the sun
I know you when you ache to swallow it
When you rip through yourself
Searching for the skeleton key
That will quieten the longing
The cure
Vague, elusive
I know you when your love is sacrificial, ******, clingy but real.
written in March 2018
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