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JKirin Dec 2020
Long ago now (if ever), once upon a dream,
I was saved by a deity – lovely, serene.
Circumstances were dire, I am telling the truth:
I was down under water, caught in vines, couldn’t move.
It reached out to me, then, from the depths underneath,
Pulled me up to the surface; I struggled to breathe.

With a song it has lulled me,
Of my safety assured me.

Years by, haven’t once I remembered the vision.
Not until our sudden (or fated?) collision.
When I look in your eyes of warm hazel, I hear
Softest voice from the memory – ethereal, dear.
Are you possibly someone I’ve once only seen,
Long ago now (if ever), once upon a dream?
about that deja vu moment
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Divine hands
with the dexterity
to disperse a flurry of ethereal fragrances
in one’s soul
take me on a pilgrimage
to the depths of the soul
where I touch the core of my consciousness.

Soul-stirring fragrance of Sandalwood
wafting into my cells
takes me to the depth of
stillness to free my spirit
from the hold of mortality!
In a time where one and one was utterly confined
When nature itself was prompted and no law was defined.
In these non pious times before the religious craft did begin,
Long before current life filled the world we’re in.
Before earthly man was born or multiplied his kind,
In earths far away there were people already of mind.
Then when Semjasa traveled with Heaven's own heart,
Bringing his vigorous warmth to this earth to impart.
Partaking of life here he bore Adam by his own command,
Thus scattering his maker's image throughout the land.
Seth, born of such royal blood, the crown he did wear
A soul grateful to his father Adam’s care.
And so to the rest, many mothers bore
To King David, and the many sons and daughters before.
But since like slaves from his bed they did ascend,
Only the truest succession could their seed attend.
But of all this numerous progeny was none as fit to rule
So beautiful, so brave, as this star child, Jmmanuel.
Inspired by some other diviner’s gust,
His father Joseph got him without any lust.
Through his conscious destiny made he the weighed,
By other worldly fortitude - the imperials he swayed.
Earlier on the mount he won great renown,
Healing the sick while dispersing the crown.
With soft spoken peace the thoughts of war he could remove,
As it seemed as if he were only born to love.
Whatever he did, was done with so much ease,
In him alone, 'twas his nature to please.
His emotions shared in his eyes with grace,
As if paradise itself was opened in his face.
With secret joy, indulgent people viewed
This youthful image in his ancient knowledge renewed.
To all that wished - nothing he denied,
In doing so he made the whole world his bride.
What faults he had for who from faults are free?
His father could not or he would not see.
Perhaps only the warmest excesses which the profits forbore,
Were construed by a youth purged - boiling over.
And Mary called him by a specious name,
She named him Jmmanuel - not the name of his fame.
Thus praised, and loved, the noble youth remained,
While Augustus, undisturbed, in Rome reigned.
From Rome his life could never be sincerely blest,
Nature punishes the bad, and approves only the best.
The Jews, a headstrong, moody, a murmuring race
As ever tried the extent and patience of grace.
God's pampered saints whom, debauched with ease,
No King could ever govern nor could any God please.
I hope that this piece does not find it's way to the eternal dogma heap of your mind. It is a sad attempt at trying to express something that I inwardly know or was taught by my "other worldly" experience. Much like my writing ability was taught to me. As was music, art and so many other things. All things that this simple mind had no ability of or affinity before my NDE. There are many names for the man that died on the cross. But the man I met was named Jmmanuel. Emmanuel with a J instead of an E.
It will haunt her
the favorite pencil
tip softened just so...
paw pushed it
somewhere to a secret spot
out of vision, her reach
a peice of paper elusive
yet there...
lodged deep amidst
a stack of most important things

She does not lose well...

Not in terms of games or competition
but the things in her life
that envelop her world
tough n' scrappy
beautiful n' tender
holding all things dear
close to her heart
Loss is a place of 
deepest contemplation
Her memories
are vibrant, alive

She does not lose well

creatures and people
that are immersed
in her life
even one pulled out leaves
like a building block
A tear
A gap
A hole in her life

She does not forget
or minimize the
pertinance of
A moment that has
touched her heart

When it is time for
the loss
the breaking of her heart
can be felt

The moment
becomes filled
With rainbows of light
She will bathe in that beam...
helps guide them home

She trusts in the divine
finding there solice
amidst the
flutterings of
her tender, broken heart
Grief shrouds her
A mystical veil
that holds her dearly
as the pain
becomes bearable
she will begin
to tell her stories
once again

~ Christi Michaels ~ June 2014~
In honor of a dear friend, that
helped her Mother "Home"
* * * *
I saw my reflection
in an ethereal mirror
My face I could see
vision so clear

blending with all eternity

Ripples of light
emanating forth
Ancestors behind me
a knowing loving force

ribbons in hues of celestial colors

Held within faces
of all humankind
blending perfectly
from the beginning of time

my blood tracing back to first mother

Acknowledging all strength
from beauty now shown
Acknowledging truth
I have always known

I carry all within my heart
I carry all within my mind
Knowledge of survival, truth, divine
I release my consciousness from
earthly tethers

I choose to surrender
I choose to surround
myself with
Pure Love
Pure Light
Pure Sound

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels. All Rights Reserved.
Introspective Reflections
She does not lose well
will not forget
It will haunt Her
avorite Pencil
Tip Softened
Just So...
A Paw pushed it
Somewhere to a Secret Spot
Out of Vision
Her Reach
A Peice of Paper
Elusive, Yet there...
Lodged Deep Amidst
A Stack
of Most Important Things

She does not Lose Well...

Not in terms of Games or Competition..
But the things in Her Life
That Envelop Her World.
Tough, Scrappy,
Oh-So Tender
Holding all things Dear
Close to Her Heart

Loss is a Place of 
Deepest Contemplation
Her Memories
Are Alive
Stay with Her
Immense Joy
Her Deep Well of Sadness
A Cachet of Stories
Expanding Outward
like Ripples in a Pond.

She does not Lose Well

The Creatures and People
That are Immersed
In Her Life
Even One Pulled Out
Like a Building Block
A Tear
A Gap
A Hole in Her life

She does Not Forget
Or Minimize the
Pertinance of
A Moment that has
Touched Her Heart

When it is Time for
The Loss
The Breaking of Her Heart
Can be Felt through
Filled with Divine Wisdom
She is Able to See
All Aspects at Once.

The Purpose
The Moment
Becomes Filled
With Rainbows of Light
She will Bathe in that Beam...
Helps Guide Them Home
Knows Intuitively

She Trusts in the Divine
Finding There Solice
Amidst the Flutterings 
Her Tender, Broken Heart.
Grief Shrouds Her
A Mystical Shawl
A Veil that Holds her Dearly
till the Pain
Becomes at Least Bearable..

Then She will
To Tell Her Stories
Once Again.

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved
Free Verse
My first Poem
Written in responce and deep respect to an Amazing Friend/Poet's Vigil. in her Mothers passing
Formed the Cloud
That caused the Rain
To Fall
Gathering Force
Gathering Speed
Gravity pulling them down

Banging the roof
Pounding cement
Soaking into Grass

Washing Trees
Flowing with ease
Hungry to Kiss the Earth

Falling...........The Descent
Unexpected yet
Power in numbers
Joining into One
Filling Rivers
The Dry parched ground

All hungry
Having waited For This moment
To Welcome
Ethereal Tears from Heaven

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved
***!Rain...Aah Cha Cha- Cha Cha!***

— The End —