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Null Jun 2015
When she'd kissed more bottles than she had boys
And spent more nights in strange bars than her own bed
She came to the conclusion that heart break hurt worse than a hangover
Inspired by an Instagram post haha
Aaron Bee Oct 2014
There is a
Outside of bed.
Beyond amber red
People of the night
Come out.
Awaken by the smell
Of repugnant restrooms
And *****.
Last memory of
The inside of
A toilet.
Brought alive by
the frightening
Blinding all
who hid.
There are those nights.
Jaybs Ragudo Aug 2014
He threw caution into his red cup.
He named his drink the forget-me-not.
This would be the night of remembrance.
One-fourth Sprite and three-fourths *****.
The crisp wind greeted him as he stepped outside.

He charged into the night.
He babbled with his friends.
He took another sip.
He danced with a girl.
He drank every drop of his forget-me-not.

He went till the break of dawn only to be swept up by the wind.
The next day he woke up with saliva crust down the side of his mouth.
He had forgotten.
The night forgot him.
spm May 2014
no one is around
i walk down the streets of a vacant wasteland
forgotten, discarded, tattered
red cups drag across asphalt
with no force pushing them but the
tired alcohol stained breath of the wind.
this beautiful sunday morning-tainted
by the drunken cheers of last night
the life-poured, guzzled, shot
out of this place
death hangs over the streets while a
drunken hibernation swallows my
"highly esteemed" peers.
shattered glass cracks beneath
my feet as i follow the pathway
to my house; to my successes
this placeā€¦
this is home.

— The End —