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sara Jun 2014
i will watch as you walk away with pieces of my brittle heart lodged into your palms
and i hope they sting every time her hand slips into yours

i will watch empty promises tumble from your mouth as you exhale  
and i hope you choke on them

and as you breathe in every molecule of her perfume
i hope the scent stings your nose

i will watch you kiss her and kiss her and kiss her
and i hope it's the best experience of your life

so i watch you fall from grace as she discards you like a jumper she has outgrown
and i taste the same sweet satisfaction you did when she kissed you

i watch as a drunken mess
because the hangovers hurt much less than even a fleeting thought of you
once again:
whoever you think this is about, think again
Leigh May 2015
The tide collects it all by morning;
The drama and the ***** napalmed across the path.
The scenes at second warning for most had been swept away
Before they wiped the sand from their shoes.

Empty cans of Dutch and Tuborg slouched on the dunes
Are tight-lipped about the Velvet Strand's secret ecosystem;
An underground microcosm;
A peripheral cluster of seething emotions drowned.

Memories of those years - although some expired,
The vestiges take pride of place - hold a cosmic clump of smells,
Tastes, firsts, goosebumps, hangovers, and ends.
I never before understood what I was holding on to.

Winters down in the shelters nearly killed us but we
Huddled through the cold, lit cheap firelogs and
Found our oblivion. It didn't take much for me to develop  
A stagger - tolerance for a lot of things was learned later.

I narrowly recall my first taste of poor judgement and
Hazy-headed stargazing. Six cans of Stonehouse
Dry cider - most of which ended up on the hillside -
Was a ridiculous endeavour that will always be sublime.

At the heart of it, I did it to impress a girl;
The one every boy has or has had that sticks;
Who holds your firsts and your hands and makes
Things simple if only for her complexity;

The one that never fails to bring upon digression when
Pens are involved. Revisiting reminiscence on a jarring note,
I think of my Junior Cert exams and a cross-dressed man
Exposing himself to two uniformed boys behind the public toilets.

This one doesn't stir the joy of the others.
This one I wish would dissolve;
An ****, awkward blotch on a childhood.

Luckily fondness trumps disgust when recalling that place
Because of sunrises and sunsets absorbed from the roof.
The Summers spent jumping the gap and drowning in the
Heat of the sun were everything.

The fugitive sand between our toes and under finger nails
Became an accepted nuisance, a part of the territory;
A lingering grain or two to drag you back.
I miss waking up with the smell of last night's faded fire.

Some weird and wonderful memories of my teenage years.

100 points if you catch the Derek Mahon reference.

KAT  Oct 2018
KAT Oct 2018
I've traveled long roads and neighboring cities
have spent nights in unknown beds and ****** motels
I've woken up to mornings of hangovers and cigarette butts
and have fallen in love with strangers and lost travelers

I have stories that only I can recount
and a broken heart that no one is willing to repair
I've gotten used to people coming and leaving,
loving and falling out of love with me.

Because I am the girl with a lipstick stain and smudged mascara on
with an empty bottle and a flameless lighter
I am the girl who is often forgotten
mostly by the people whom I always remember.
The Fire Burns Jul 2018
I used to read and see just fine,
now I wear glasses all the time,
my hair was full and feathered then
now I am a bald, just smooth skin.

Was the captain of the football team,
now I rub down with icyhot cream,
my back is shot with pinched nerves,
every joint creaks and they all hurt.

Was in shape, man I was cut,
now trying to lose this gut,
used to stay out every night,
now its time for bed when no sunlight.

Drinking beer and liquor with no care,
now the hangovers I just can't bare.
still hanging out with my friends,
guess we all adapt until the end.
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