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Hannah Sep 2020
The thing that's annoyingly tragic is,
This cactus has plenty of adjectives,
So why can't I rhyme,
Like I do all the time,
And find myself right where the magic is?

I can't figure out a limerick,
About a cactus and its ******,
God-**** it, it's stumped me,
I've been trying for centuries-
Or has it just been a few minutes?
For practice, I've been writing limericks about random objects. This is what I came up with for a cactus.
Pau Apr 2020
my friend,

if you were afraid
of dying alone

of having lived
without purpose

of staying
of leaving

without anyone
to recall your name,

rest easy, rest easy,
rest easy.

we will remember you,
i will remember you.
Pau Apr 2020
in another life
we are in your heart
and you are whole
and you are home

and you recognize
the love everyone has for you
and you don't feel alone

and you do not break
where you stand

in another life,
you would not be the person
you thought you became

and the sound
of the names of your failures
does not bring you
to your knees.

they do not wound you
or make you bleed

they do not destroy
what we held so dearly.

in another life
you choose to stay

you do not disappear.
Dream Fisher Oct 2019
Hannah doesn't dream,
That's what I've heard at least
She lies in a small cold bed
Where sugar plums aren't dancing,
Closing her eyes behind her head
She sleeps until the morning fills
The room with anything but black
Standing up, another day, just trapped.

Hannah doesn't dream,
Not a sheep, a blink, or wink.
But last night she made a song
To the drips of the bathroom sink.
She told me of a real place,
Unlike the dancing going through my skull
It sounds like home, only more magical.

Hannah doesn't dream,
She sees the beauty in the awake,
The sky, the sun, the leaves,
The whisper as the wind cuts through the trees.
Hannah doesn't dream,
She doesn't need to it seems
s May 2019
in a damp room
    with red puddles.

she found what she wanted.

a big smile that never
appeared on her face.

happy wrinkles near her lips
and her round eyes are shrinking due to happiness.

she saw that all
with something bright
in front of her,

as her eyes slowly closed.
"a lot of you cared, just not enough"
- Jay Asher.
Hannah Beasley Dec 2017
A name is but a label that has branded us for life
A name such as my own, Biblical in nature
Meaning so much more to me than “The grace of god”
With a heart for spoken word
And a mouth more than capable
Who knows the great pleasure of the perfect phrase
And always has something to say
I’ve got a way with words,
And I’m stronger than most
A heavy heart,
And gentle hands
With uncle lost to a smoking gun,
At the scene of a suicide
A snapping turtle beneath my skin
Timid but fierce
With intellect in my veins
And curiosity all the same
Like a pine cone
Those rough and pointy edges remind me of my own
Made from good intentions
And full of pride
Backwards I am the same,
For I have only one face.
My two-toned mind
Damaged, but alive
My bipolar-stained brain
Depression? or mania?
Because what good is “the grace of god”
if he only chooses to pit you against yourself
For I am my only rival
Or Peninnah I should say
For while god's word may be gracious
It is my name not his
harmony crescent Nov 2017
so so soon
well be together
staring at the stars and moon
and dreaming about forever
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