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spm Oct 2014
You’ve Disappeared
like faint footsteps —who’s temporary imprints in the sand
quickly fade under the pressures of the sea and of time
and of the light bubbling whispers of past failures

You’ve Vanished
like the moon on a hot, blazing, hateful day
scorched with the sun’s ambition of sharing its warmth
and hide in the cold comfort of your darkness

You’ve Hidden
like a magician’s rabbit
nervous & deep within a false unknown       
                                         (we all know you’re there)
standing ovation applause.

All that is lost is eventually found, when you return
I hope you are received with welcoming arms.
                                          *(those won’t be mine)
spm Sep 2014
where is the clarity in my thoughts?
the straight lines,
in the jungle of scribbles?
the uneasy nuances of my ideas
push me back and forth
until i’m nauseous with
self conflicted confusion

dizzy, turned around ideas
dance & twirl until I
**** out actions taken
with jumbled conviction and
lost intent.
where is the clarity in my thoughts?
  Aug 2014 spm
Amitav Radiance
Sometimes the words we speak do not synchronize with what the heart feels
spm Jun 2014
Your lips, love me fondly  
whispering life into the dormant
butterflies trapped in the
pit falls of my untrusting stomach

Your hands touch me lightly,
hesitant not to overwhelm
but never will I get enough
of their warm grasp

Your laugh lights a spark
in the heart of my forgotten humor
bringing happiness to my smile
illuminating darkness

Your passion will set the world on fire,
burning down the wrongs
replacing them with your affection
powered by past affliction  

I pray your lips, your hands,
your laugh, your passion…
do not forget me in the
spm Jun 2014
For the first time--in a long time
I sit by myself--alone--

and there's no where else I'd rather be
Than right here--right now--

With no others company except
The solidation of my own divine thoughts

And for the first time--in a long time
I put myself to bed--alone--

with a smile across my face
Utterally, and distinctly
at Peace
spm May 2014
When did I
accept desperation?
For anything you'd give
your attention
your affection
Love and tantalizing
I crave you excessively
spm May 2014
Are we all ******* blind?!
How did we all fail to see the
apocalypse in it's twisted occurance
Detinating life as we know it
All I see are Zombies
All that's left are zombies!
Look there! That girl walking
Missing half her life
Half dead-trapped
no real human left behind her eyes
Walking aimless to her desk
To her future
Look at that zombie over there!
Drowning himself in alcohol
Killing himself again
Just to feel alive
Though simultaneously

I better do the same
Hide the life so I don't get eaten
and zombiefied myself
I must survive this apocalypse



moving forward & forward & forward

I have become a zombie.
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