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Aaron Bee Oct 2018
Life is weird.
And I am numb
Our days are numbered
but it's for sure
Not a number anyone
would care to know about.

Life is a mess
And I need to clean up.
If not me,
Who else?

I'll make my efforts to
And hope
At some point we're
Then we can both
walk the lines,

It'll all be
Even Stevens.
Hopefully another character
comes in with a
better story arc.
Going through a weird break up
Aaron Bee Sep 2018
The postponed appointment

blackest days will always be
Your demons and shadows will only be
Demons and shadows
You are brave

Know that I am in the wind
and you are in the world

Like the stocks I wasnt invested but still I went bankrupt

My debt now consolidated.

I will creep back into the waters
of creation. Body and mind at rest
Aaron Bee Sep 2018
I put you in my mouth
Took a bite

I was burned

My mind my tongue
My chemistry

My lungs

You satisfied me like no other,
now I'm anxious

Touching myself, I was *****
I was burned

My **** my eyes

Wash your hands after eating. Don't be a nasty ***** like me
Aaron Bee Sep 2018
How can sugar be sweet
when you haven't had
a taste

the Desire was there
but is it

salt is salty
but aren't my tears
the same.

Why don't you desire
my vulnerability. Like you
Do with your
sweet confections.

All that's bitter can
be balanced
I swear.

Everything's the same
but I don't think you
can hear

My subtleties are in vain

Must I grab a megaphone

Like the newest grunge
indie girl
screaming to make
everything clear
Aaron Bee Aug 2018
Pain is such a genuine feeling.
what I'm feeling right now, isn't exactly pain but merely the absence of. I understand that my flesh has nerves all over and that is part of whats keeping me going . Life seems a lot foggier and I am walking into the dark. Feeling what I can understand, searching for the braille letters and hoping I find a coherent sentence
Something old
Aaron Bee Aug 2018
I hope you are
doing okay

Something in me misses
A sweet craving
within my heart

Nothing quite satisfies
the same as you

A quality in the air
is missing since you've
been gone.

The air isnt filled with
static. My hair's do not stand up
the same way.

Magic is missing, excitement has been robbed and optimism is down.

Come back please
Going through some grief and such
Aaron Bee Aug 2018
There's beauty in a morning
Lived thoroughly
A breath taken in-

Fuller than any
part of the day.
light and fluffy.
bounce into
life, uninhibited.
second winds

A good morning,
Something I wrote during an all nighter
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