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Null Jun 2015
When she'd kissed more bottles than she had boys
And spent more nights in strange bars than her own bed
She came to the conclusion that heart break hurt worse than a hangover
Inspired by an Instagram post haha
Null Jun 2015
She was a force of nature
Her blood ran as cold as a tundra
Her thoughts spun like a tornado
She was the reason hurricanes were named after people
She could leave you drenched and defeated like a tsunami
Her kisses were electrifying
God gave her the beauty of a spring flower
She was a natural disaster the news forgot to warn you about.
She was catastrophic
  Jun 2015 Null
you're such a foreign concept
you're a complexity that can't be measured on a scale of one to ten
you're a paradox
you're a star yet to collapse
you're a light at the end of a tunnel


you're none of those.

you were my world.
you were a complexity
I suppose I saw through your facade in the end.
Null Apr 2015
I can no longer hold my bones together
with the arms of boys who want only one thing
I can no long stay silent and let others write my story
I chase drinks and dreams, but never people
And I am not your typical teenager drunk on the idea of love and living recklessly
I am living for myself
And tomorrow
Not a lot of inspiration lately guess I've got writers block.
Null Mar 2015
I don't want to cry so hard
I don't want to feel this weak
But what can you do when you've dealt the worst card
I swear this deck is stacked
My hand starts out well and then slowly costs me all my chips
Just something I wrote in a rush and probably should revise. Not my best work. Lol
Null Mar 2015
The most disturbing
thought that I feel with each day
is what if there's ever a chance to feel the same way,
If god gives us one soulmate
What if mines gone astray?
Is there still a chance,
Or has this one love sealed my fate?
Null Feb 2015
He looked at me like I was everything
I saw it
And I suppose at the time,
I was everything,
But time has a way of changing
Once on multiple occasions, a boy with beautiful blue eyes gave me the look from the movies, the look little girls dream of. Sadly, the timing wasn't right.
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