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Knights Aug 2018
She spoke the words "I love you,"
as if they were dripping from her mouth.
Desire and longing where written in her eyes.
This fragrance of hers, was intoxicating.
One could almost choke on it.

Stay away from love.  
For it can truly be sickening.
Especially if you haven't caught it already.
Knights Mar 2017
I'll deceive you with a smile,
I'll make you stay a while.
With a superficial charm,
That can bring mighty harm.
You've only reached the surface,
My remains remain a maze.
Am I too dark for you?

A simple face, hypnotic gaze.

With twinkles in my eyes,
I wear "Innocence" as a disguise,
Secretly bitter, better yet sweet,
master manipulator to my simple conceit.
I speak a couple words,
say some simple verbs.
I don't even try.

I have them all under my spell,

but all it takes is a couple of tricks, to kickoff your personal picks among the general of dudes and chicks.
Knights Feb 2017
Tis a shame, for the ones who can see are the ones who are truly blind
For the ones who have ears to hear, lack the ability to listen
For the once who have gifts to share are selfish to share them
For the ones who have a voice to speak decide to keep quiet
For the ones who have a brain think that to think is too much
Knights Feb 2017
It was February 6th, the boy could taste the wood in his teeth

Had a bad habit, of a pencil, and biting on it

It was history class, in boredom the boy could pass

A blank page, for a bored mind like his in its own cage

The page screaming, for him to fulfill it with a drawing

A rock and a girl,
Seemingly in her own world

The boy had drawn a stranger, and although he had made her

And she had come from his thoughts, her, he didn't know lots of

It was interesting, he had made a character, perhaps story teller

Couldn't tell what she was thinkin', or who she was even

It was as if this image he'd made, had its own thoughts that would fade

Just like the rock, and the girl

Both drawn in pencil, would eventually fade leaving a mere sample

The page that was once empty, was fulfilled simply,

With the vision of a portrait, that by looking at it, it stood still

Yet anyone who interpret it carries,  their own series of stories

However, to the boy she looked  quite sad, maybe because he has what she never had

The ability of speaking, breathing, living, after all she is just a drawing

Maybe she seats on the rock with thoughts that are existential, as she realizes she is drawn in pencil
Knights Feb 2017
I sat alone at night
Wondering and thinking in the dark
Now and then there were times
Where it'd be impossible to find
A series of meaningful rhymes

All the stuff I wrote in the past
Were simple words
Without a meaning behind them
Complicated words
To make a poem seem more articulated

But what for?
I am still here
Sitting alone at night
Wondering and thinking
Of meaningless junk
Knights Jan 2017
Give and get
Forgive and forget
Whispers just another tale
Or is it just another lie
Everything that is told
In a single try
Is spoken wrong
Becomes everything
And everything
Is later gone

Whispers these words
And does not forget
Everyone's a hypocrite
And yet
We're all just simply
Trying to make it
Knights Jan 2017
Mommy, why does that boy look like that?
shh, don't be rude
Daddy where is that girl's dad?
now is not the time, I'm not in the mood
Mom, can you hear me sing?
darling, maybe later
Dad, will you play catch with me?
at a different time would be better
Mom can I have a couple bucks?
here you go
Dad can I borrow the car
drive slow

Goodbye, mom
Goodbye, dad

I'm sure you'll remain calm
since I wasn't even there
Its like I was never gone
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