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K Balachandran Nov 2018
Trickster drizzle peters,
Expectant trees are mawkish;
Rain’s failed sweet promise!
Keen Nov 2016
​I had to kiss you,
One last time.
I had to hug you tight,
So tight that I could break you.
I had to sniff your neck,
You smelled so good
That I could doze off to bed.
I had to change me,
I had to;
Because the thought of you hurts me well.
So don't come back to me
Because, we won't never be happy.
We broke up our promises ―
I didn't chased you,
You did the same too.
I had to avoid you,
Seeing you breaks my walls
Into pieces ―
I built it from scratch
But I'm afraid of changing,
Because I've been around you.
CastorPolydeuces Nov 2016
i see love and light and cringe
at its generic quality, all the same
all beautiful and endearing and encouraging
and i can't help but feel the cynic in me laughing
at the mawkish displays and efforts
and at my own generic skepticism

just one charming quality of my
self deprecating form of narcissism
just writing out of boredom, too tired to put forth much effort, but too bored to leave it be.
CastorPolydeuces Oct 2016
Oh honey, you'll be fine
divine and holding out hope
an angel with no god, no home.
Oh babe your ignorance
looks so good on you
stay steeped in wholesome lies
safe from dreadful truth.
Oh sweetheart, your dumb
******* head is so perfect,
so rottenly pure, its mawkish
scent brings me to my knees.
idk, as usual.

— The End —