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jonni inferno Mar 2018
comprising several works -

Intro -     Seas of Tyme
Chapter - 1  Bent and Broken
Chapter - 2  In Sorrowe Wepte
Chapter - 3  Beyonde Alle Dreams
Chapter - 4  Thru Deepeste Nyghte

Seas of Tyme

'neathe starry skyes
warre doth rage
crosse the seas of tyme
yet there upon
this battle-fielde
two heartes

Chapter 1

Bent and Broken

he stumbles
'pon the rocky pathe
in armour
bent and brokenne
his journeye to
bryghte sylvarre-mere
lyfe's hoppe
'pon his shoulders

peeringe deep within
the sylvar-mere
he casts about
darke eyes
a starlit ebon sea
reflekt the meres'
great power

his burninge gaze
losst farre beyonde
these earthly planes
we ken
in darke despaire
forsakes him-selffe
lyfes hoppe
not yet

in anger rages
defiant hope
alle left
this man to gyffe
fromme ebon seas
his tears do flowe
an' pours his lyfe
into the mere

Chapter 2

In Sorrowe Weppte

she walkes alone
the moonelesse pathe
within herr shielde
of stonne
herr journeye to
darke shadowe-mere
herr brighteste hoppe

peeringe deepe within
darke watterse depthes
in searche
of alle lyfes hoppe
greene eyes
an oceanse soffte embrayce
the darke-meres power

herr burninge gayze
losste farre beyonde
these earthly planes
we ken
in darke despaire
reklaymes herr-selffe
lyfe's hoppe
keppte fromme herr stille

in sorrowe weppte
alle lyfes lasste hoppe
alle leffte
faire maide to gyffe
fromme emeralde seas
herr teares do flowwe
darke shadowe-mere...

Chapter 3

Beyonde Alle Dreams

starre-lit skye
herr sylvan voyce
in songe
is softlye raised
for alle lyfes
forsaken hoppe
for hoppe within despaire

when beyonde alle dreams
an' shattered realmze
faire maidens voyce
is hearde...

...her tears
falle softly
into these ebon depths
their sylvar lyghte
reflect within
the darkness of mine-selfe
i must responde
for lyfe
for love
for alle mine owne
lostte soulze

reachinge out within
these darkeste depthes
beyonde alle hoppes dezyre
her gentle touche
at once perceived
in this hour....

then fromme
the darke-mere's
surface rose
ten thousande soulze
once lostte
black swordze uphelde
in armoured fists
'pon steedes of ebon-lyghte

in silence watched
wi' somber awe
beside the roilinge mere
faire maiden broughte
unto herr feete
fell knights
before herr

in silente rayze
of dawninge lyghte
herr slyvan voyce 'tis raised
black swordze
on sylvarre shieldes
do crashe
in honor of herr daye

within ten thousand
sylvarre helmze
losste voices
lift in songe
to winne the lyghte
of dawne's laste daye
'pon the battlegrounde...

Chapter 4

Thru Deepeste Nyghte

theye ryde to warre
'pon sylvarre steedse
armour gleaminge
wi' sunnes' lasste raye

charginge fulle
'gainste nyghtes darke-lords
to wynne the lyghte
of dawnes bryghte raye

an' warre doth rage
thru deepeste nyghte
cross battle-fieldes
of bloode
foule daemons falle
'fore their myghte;
true heartes,
to meete the sunne

an' who woulde lyffe
musste see the dawne
an' feele the kisse
of sunne's bryghte raye...

- finis -

for Kristi Raye

i created chapter 1 & 3 to tie them all together -
perhaps i should not have...
u tell me
Jordan Fischer Feb 2018
It was a sunny day that I saw you
Sun glistened off the tears that pooled in the corners of my eyes.
Your beauty brought this on.
A being of such want
Challenges the sun itself

And I know those amber eyes with the gold flecks are holding the real sun at bay.
A mind as bright as the beauty that wraps around.

Entwine our minds with the feel of skin.
Your appearance terrifies me with an overworked heart
And your mind challenges me in a way that I am not smart enough to say.
Maybe one day.
Brianna Love Nov 2017
Starlight, glowing and bright
beautifully twinkling and divine,
send upon, this very night
a kiss, to the one who’s mine.

Let him feel, love of heart
through the fates’ own design,
loving kiss, to comfort and soothe
his soul to mine, entwined.

Let your powers flow
through sparkles and shine,
upon his soul, please bestow
this loving kiss of mine.
Eliah SolRae Oct 2017
I dream about you every night,
you are there always.
In my dream I can reach out,
and touch you. Soft and warm.
In my dream, we entwine,
we kiss, we love, we sleep.
We hold tight like we never did.
It's just us and love.

But then I wake up and I see the truth.
It was all just a dream...
Salpicar o teu rosto com farinha, enquanto preparassemos juntos o teu bolo favorito

Dar-te os beijos que me apetecesse, com os olhos, sempre que estivesses distraido a apreciar o "flowering tea", que te desse a escolher

Sentar-me no teu colo e ver-te desenhar

Fazer de ti a manta que me aconchega, entrelaçar os meus dedos nos teus e ver um filme até adormecer

Levar-te o pequeno almoço à cama e acordar-te com um beijo de bom dia.

a única a conseguir te arrancar aquele sorriso nos piores momentos...
a bateria desenfreada a bater dentro do teu peito...
a tua melhor amiga...
quem faz valer cada acordar teu.

Que fosses a excepção que acreditei que eras, o porto seguro por quem vale a pena esperar para partilhar a vida.

Por ti... por nós... mudei, ignorei medos e arrisquei...
Não deste valor... desacreditei.
To make a war of white flour with you while we prepare your favourite cake

To kiss you secretly, with my eyes, whenever you would be distracted enjoying the flowering tea of your choice

Sit on your lap and see you drawing

Make you the blanket that cuddles me, entwine my fingers in yours and watch a movie until we fall asleep

To wake you up with a good morning kiss and have breakfast in bed with you

To be the one, to be the only one that makes you smile in the harsh moments, to be the cause of a unrestrained drums that beat inside your chest, to be your best friend, to be the one who makes it worth for you to wake up every day.

I wanted, I believed that you were the exception, the safe harbour for whom it is worth waiting for to share a life.

For you ... for us ... I changed, I ignored my fears and risked it all...
K G Feb 2017
I'll helm
Twisting my midnight switchblade
To somehow bruise the living space
To find it, will take less than a survey

I'll helm
With lips red and badly broken
Enveloped in doubt and omens
So we can be vastly interwoven
Matthew Rodarte Nov 2014
I walk up the stairs, head for my room,
the keys been used,
I open and see,
Divine as my first glance,
leaning on the chair,
only the moons light ,
glaring your red lips,
red shoes, and fluttering eyes,
eyes that heat me,
that look of yours ,
so lost, so gorgeous,
your hair blows softly,
the windy city air,
your skin sizzling,
with slow ease,
your body so sophisticated ,
beautifully indescribable,
I move closer, and don't bother to notice the door slam,
your grin widens with comfort,
step by step ,
I pause,
then put a hand on your leg ,
your smooth thigh,
my other hand ,
your back,
i lay my lips on your kiss of death, ..... the rest is euphoric, ......moment by moment,........ as we both lay ,
I know your initial J,
you know mine,
we both know one of us will die,
,...... that is certain,
she is that lady,...... my lady, ..... goodbye....
raðljóst Jun 2014
we are blossoming now.
scarlet petals unfurling;
revealing our golden hearts.

and i want you to know
that my love grows best
when its roots entwine with yours.
Dhaye Margaux Jun 2014


As we kiss

love entwines our


The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.
Ley Brooks Apr 2014
in riddles and laughter
our minds entwine
as your eyes meet mine

And in the struggle to find my words
That have escaped my lips
something inside me rips

and out comes pouring my stories
That I've only wished to tell
you released me from my ****

I was burdened with lonely silence
terrified of the impending fall
but once I leapt from the edge
I wasn't scared at all

and in that moment
thoughts zooming in my head
my face flushes red

It seems my hands caught on fire
The moment that yours touched mine
Also then, I left all my fears behind

and that first kiss
will not be forgotten soon
Under light rain
And in the light of the full moon

now we walk hand in hand
Down the road together
Destined to share our path forever

— The End —