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M Sri Saravana Dec 2019
Once I met a man of passionate taste,
He shared a story of his willful fate,
He prayed so long for a rightful wish,
When the Gods showed up, he asked to lift,
The burden of earthly bounds broken fit,
The Gods granted the seeker's gift,
Little did he know of the cursed pit, of that,
He ever loved, vanished from the grip,
Nothing that he ever sought, ever lived,
He roamed the lands evermore untainted,
Till he met me on the same path spiraled,
He shared his story of grievous fate,
Even the Gods he sought are no more,
To reverse the wishful seeker's stake.
M Sri Saravana Dec 2019
All through eternity,
Your heartbeat, I hear aloud,
Our story of love echoes,
Through time's time,
I let myself be captured,
By your thoughts within,
And get destroyed,
When it departs without.
M Sri Saravana Dec 2019
Let me sit down for a while,
For the night is still too young,
I can hear the storm's thunder,
Raging past behind my eyes,

My heart's bleeding, no strength left,
Could there be a place,
I could rest till the storm's end,
Forgive me for the fall,
For, I could not catch you,

Bless me for the faith,
I have upon your spirit,
I am crumbled like a sandcastle,
In the rain, in the storm's rage,

What could I do with,
Such reckless hate in my heart
No more flowers are blooming,
In my gateless gardens, none,
My heart's bleeding, no strength left,

Let me sit down for a while,
For the night is still too young,
I can hear the storm's thunder,
Raging past behind my eyes
M Sri Saravana Dec 2019
I dreamed and dream of a world,
Where meadows are singing me a song…
Lay under the tree full of blossoms,
And I could taste all the sweet lemon drops,
While butterfly wings are coloring my sky-high…
Deers are dancing pass behind me,
As a tulip just grows out of the sand and dirt…
Razor-thin grasses like strings of a violin,
Playing the music of my life…
As I am on the lap of my mother…
So much small as I am a stillborn baby,
Void of the womb is filled…
With the glittering lights of sun and stars,
For day and night… there is no difference.
It is a dream, that I could dream of,
All in me for all is mine to dream.
Come, join me, for my dream can be ours,
You can too lay, for the song is too great…
Not to worry, at last, the breeze will come,
To wake us up all, for the dream is so good,
Good, it was, that dream of mine.
M Sri Saravana Dec 2019
Towards the ramming moon,
Here I come with the full force,
Nothing lies in the path, that dares,
For, I am inevitable to those who care,
Too far in solitude, I have gone,
Here I come as a man newborn,
Life and death are my two little wings,
I fly upon your fates all your lives,
Darkness may befriend us all, but,
Remember the kindle within is our hope,
For, here I come with the full force,
Let us go beyond the sky above.
M Sri Saravana Dec 2019
The dead don't play the game,
As one should hope they would,
The life all along must suffer,
As a consequence of that matter,
Towards the shining Sun,
The burning candle has no power,
As for the end, life surrenders,
To the will of the dead gathered.
M Sri Saravana Nov 2019
O' My lord of infinite layers,
You are the house upon I am built,
The self, that is I, is the echo of your's,
No more I can be, losing myself at ends,
I search for the path, enlightenment hails,
It is the line between all the extremes,
You, O' my lord Mara, the self-ego of me,
Dragging me to the extremes of my mind,
No more, no more, the land is my witness,
You are the illusion of my witted mind,
Let myself go of the idea of I, at last,
Let whatever is left, be at peace, at once.
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