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M Srisaravana Nov 2020
As the dreams of mine unfold,
A darkness bloom, like a heavenly shadow,
In there, a thousand arms grab me by, yet,
A speck of happy memory tangled here and there,
Like dust trapped on a spider web unintended,

As I run chasing them by like a mad, poor child,
The shadow that encircles me even more tighter,
Its wings ever more sharply, tombing me within,
I am too tired, mother, no longer I could run,
No longer I can evade the whispers of the shadow,

Now let me rest, for, it may be the time already,
Caught and uncaught fragments of happiness,
Lay beside me and all around scattered,
All I can see, the shadows of darkness bloom,
To you, my darkness, I have nothing but my smiles.
M Srisaravana Oct 2020
In the midst of darkness cometh the pain,
The soul that is broken beyond reparation,
Looks into the eyes of the darkness unhinged,
Beg for mercy, if such thing ever exists,

The darkness that shapes the broken spirit,
Mold them into an unending fear and grief,
Once you fall into the pits of hell,
Who will come and save your will, alas,

In the midst of darkness cometh the light,
All the fear and grief are gone by the sight,
To me, all of them seems so apparelled, in,
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
M Srisaravana Sep 2020
I once saw death and asked why?
So much fear, freezing with fierce,
That could be it; He then asked what why?
Why so much fear I asked,
A dark, cold smile and he vanished,
For there once again light and warm,
But then it was not the death,
Who answered my question,
For his absence did the trick,
Once again, I saw someone familiar,
This time it is life, what a joyful blessing,
Happiness bloomed for she is the mother,
I asked her why once again as I did,
She gave a warm smile and yet,
Again vanished once more without answers,
But death returned with a grim smile,
What is this game you are trying to play,
For he spoke, at last, breaking the silence,
I am the death; I am the life,
In this worldly manifestation, I am both,
It is you who saw the way I was,
Dark and freezing, warm and welcoming,
I am not the darkness nor the light,
I am not he nor she, the mother nor the father,
Listen to my voice; I heard her whispers in me,
At last, deep down I know what it means,
At last, I know what it means.
M Srisaravana Sep 2020
Out in the woods as I walk,
Senseless time had passed,
Watching the leaves fell on the feet,
Green has turned into black,
So much trunk, all around me,
No one else there to be seen,
How did I end up so much deep?
Only the dream could tell,
I wish only the dream could tell.
M Srisaravana Sep 2020
Time, O' time, my dearest friend on shore,
Too far, too away, I have missed our earthly chores,
In the wind, in the hint, I have searched you for,
Time, O' time, I'm withering without your cord,
When you come, bring me the bells and whistles,
For, my mind is as grey as the snow-filled hills,
Without you, I have frozen in the midst of memories,
Friend, O' friend, come and rewind my fantasies,
One more time, let us hold our hands together,
Not too late, let me see my mother's once again,
And I will let myself go of your deceptive ways,
Time, O' time, my dearest foe of the fate.
M Srisaravana Sep 2020
There is a life, there is a death,
We dance between the might,
For the hopes so high enough,
Those darkest deeds of the past,
Strangles me like strings among,
Between the lights of life,
And the death's charred grips,
I ramble my mind in pale drips,
There must be a way leading,
A path where I could step, leaving,
An eternal spiral of lives behind,
Until then, I shall wander on,
There is a life, there is a death,
I dance between the mist.
M Srisaravana Sep 2020
There was a dream, once stood upon my mind,
Like the lilies of the sparkling spring alight,
I saw your pretty face again and again in there,
For the memory was, well imprinted in mine,
They say I have lost my mind; it is no more,
Are all these memories forever lost?
In the end, what would I make of my mind?
Tears are falling like withered white flowers,
Do not say goodbye, do not say you will be mine,
Where once I saw beautiful light, I see darkness,
Where once was warm and love, love is no more,
In my broken mind, I gather them pieces alright,
At least you cannot say that I didn't try.
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