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piper m Apr 10
I hate to drive away from the sun
Leaves me with sorrow in my blood
Open doors leave me tightly spun
Six legs across the window pane
Legs so pale they make my mother look bright
Even she glows in the night like a puddle under lamplight
piper m Apr 6
If you’re on the water,
take a picture
so I can remember the way you see the world.
Wish you’d strung an ‘A’ on the chain
around my neck
so I could take you everywhere I go.
Please pull me up,
you know sometimes I get
Should never have left you alone.

Miss the days we forgot we were just friends.
I hold the silence steady on the phone.
You take your time breaking it with
“I hate you.”
But I know,
it’s never been true.
I write better under pressure,
only when my words are about you.
Since last October, you’ve been my only muse.

You caught every sunset in your palm
to show me.
Saved fading rays in your pocket.
Just in case I hadn't seen.
So I did my part and
kept all your smiles in my pocket,
just in case
you forgot about me.
I see you in the gaps between the clouds
piper m Feb 27
The confines of fourteen lines hold me down
The sovereign of the sonnet has trapped me
Now, what is there left to do but steal his evil crown?
Had I not convinced myself that this task would be
So simple, I might be wearing it by
Now. However, that is not the case at all.
Brutish thoughts assail as I contemplate on why
Shakespeare had the audacity to enthrall
The whole of England with his cruel, cruel mind.
I mean to say, his poetry is
Rather soft, and his words are rather kind
But the source of my frustration is all his
Doing. I’ve done it now though, haven’t I?
A sonnet completed in the span of one night.
this was an assignment for class
piper m Feb 24
The leaves are still green
Where are you headed?
I see her, sleeping in the backseat
Pass the sugar cane before she spots the weeds
I feel water rushing
Running down my sleeves
Numinous, she dances, terrifying me
Ears closed to the music
Snow makes it hard to breathe
Tires ink the road again
Drive away from me
piper m Nov 2020
Sometimes you have to be alone,
And sometimes you think you're going to cry,
And you do.
The tears will stain your cheeks down to your ears,
And you'll think back on when I would kiss your eyelids while it rained.
You've been growing under harsh light,
And your heart has rusted over, along with all your ferns.
Don't you know I still wait for you to call me after the shower to tell me that dogs chased you all the way home,
And when I grow up I'll tell myself that in time,
You must have grown towards the sun.
Your heart is too large,
And your brain is too big.
Please don't let them get you down.
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