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piper m Apr 25
My baby
I don't want your leftover time.
Although I am sad that you are no longer mine,
You don't know what you want, babe
And I think that's alright.
But I know that I'm worth more than your leftover time.
piper m Apr 11
As he walks
Across an empty room
Towards me
He smells like rain
In the middle of summer
And I do not feel anything for him at all
He says that
Poets are quiet people
I don't believe him
I am no longer a poet
Only a thief
For I am louder than he has ever been
And he knows
He is a poet
Who will not say a word
piper m Mar 29
All this pent up anger comes from the blood
Between my thighs
Red will travel down my leg, staining skin and mind
Tears f
               l down my peeling cheeks
As salty as the words that leak
Out of my brain
From time to time
sharks don't only live in my ****** but also my mind
piper m Sep 2019
People should not have to teach their hearts to cease beating
Or remind themselves how to breathe
It is unfair
w.i.p. dm me if you'd be interested in helping me create the rest of this.
piper m Apr 2019
My place is nowhere
Which is somewhere in your mind
Left behind I stand
With all the rest
Everywhere else but in your mind
Nowhere is my place
In between the lines of time
piper m Jan 2019
"Kiss me."
Now, why would I do that?

"You know why."
Do I?

"You're lovely."
You're lovelier.

"That's why you should."
Maybe I will.

"How would you feel?"

"Yes, honestly."

I don't know.
I don't like love poems
piper m Jan 2019
If I had four paws
I would feel no obligation but
to please you

I would sit by your side,
and stare straight into your mind

Innocence leaking from my eyes

You would pat my head
as if to say
I love you too
a little cheesy, a little confusing, don't ask me why the title is woof, it just is
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