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Farhan 5d
I have few mugs
Porcelain mugs
All alike, same in color
I pick one and prepare coffee
Cannot distinguish the one used before
All were alike, same in color
I wish to make one my favorite
But any mark I make would be artificial
How I wish? A natural mark would separate one
Today I observed one with a slight difference
A minor ***** at the brim
The mugs are washed
A mishandle would have caused
It is not ****
It is no less useful
Naturally made, just a slight *****
Now both useful and notable
It is now my favorite mug
True for humans isn't it? We are all usually alike. A slight inconsistency separates us from the crowd. So long as we are useful and and not **** from within.
taia Apr 2016
lips like a tulip
do i need to distinguish
to which i refer?
as i sit laughing...
celey Jul 2015
after bowing, clapping is heard
i stop trying to distinguish
the ones out of bitterness and pride

i take it all in
and smile at those who made
all this possible

— The End —