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Farhan 5d
I have few mugs
Porcelain mugs
All alike, same in color
I pick one and prepare coffee
Cannot distinguish the one used before
All were alike, same in color
I wish to make one my favorite
But any mark I make would be artificial
How I wish? A natural mark would separate one
Today I observed one with a slight difference
A minor ***** at the brim
The mugs are washed
A mishandle would have caused
It is not ****
It is no less useful
Naturally made, just a slight *****
Now both useful and notable
It is now my favorite mug
True for humans isn't it? We are all usually alike. A slight inconsistency separates us from the crowd. So long as we are useful and and not **** from within.
Destyni H Jan 2
I don’t love you.
I honestly never really cared.
I couldn’t care less.

That is until 10:16
When my body aches
And I hit you with the wyd
Because you’re what I want to taste

Don’t expect me to embrace you in your vulnerability
But I expect you to embark in your most vulnerable experience with me


Because we’re humans, baby
Because it’s natural, lover
Because your body looked so good in that dress
Because of the shape your hips and your thighs
Oh I love when you ride

I love when you taste me
Can you feel me inside
I’m giving it all to you
Promise me it’s mine

Because this belongs to you

Wait but not completely
I can only promise you the D
Because I need no emotional ties between you and me

I’m in a situation
I have someone else for that
Someone who’s still waiting for me to text her back
Someone you don’t know of and you’ll hopefully never meet

And after this I probably won’t call
until 10:16 next week.
Emily Nov 2018
Starting to think I'm flawed.
Incapable of being your one and only.
I don't deserve the dedication.
Loyalty is a figment of my imagination.
You say you'll love me no matter what,
but I don't want your love if we're not building
or leading towards something important.
I don't want your love if there's another girl that feels like she has it too.
Your words have no foundation when your actions don't match.
Your inconsistency is driving me crazy.
Rose Jul 2018
there's no one with my dna
no one with my seams
considering all these considerations
no one compares to me

i could sit so tiny on a kite
fly string-free through the sky
use a firefly's light as guide

the sea would see me and wave
the air would take a big breath
and the moon would gaze
the stars would wink
the earth would cave

and well if we're saying things we've yet not said
ill tell you why i went away and why i would again

there's no one with my dna
no one with my seams
considering all these considerations
no one compares to me
Renan Racy Jan 2018
Here I stand again, by myself
In a different spot, in the same moment.
I've been all my life running through these cycles,
New people, new girlfriend, new activities, new place
As they always do, at some point they run low and I run far,
I keep my distance, enough to get warm, enough so I won't get burnt.
Even so, in the end, I make the
same mistake, everytime a season falls
I stretch out from this safe sacred shell I've built to
protect myself, only to regret leaving, only to regret ever even
building it in the first place. So, as the last leaf falls I'll be there, getting close to the fire and the certainty of getting a deep burn.
I feel pathetic, do you know what pathetic means? It's not what you'd expect,
I'm not what you'd expect,
you're all more than I expected.
Maybe that's my sin, to burn for not letting people in earlier,
to burn and realise it's ok. You don't have to fall in love today, not again. Just kiss her and move on. You don't have to feel alone today, not again. Just hug them and move on.    Tomorrow a new season begins, maybe for a day, maybe for five more years, maybe the last you will ever see.
Do you see some sort of metric in this "poem"? Do you see it's shape unfolding right through your eyes as you read? You're mistaken, it means nothing, it's much simpler than you think, I can never convince you of that, though. And, as the cicada's song, our cycle repeats, it's funny;
It's tragic;
It's real.
Not sure what I mean with anything here. Graduating from university, wrote as I felt. I'll miss them all, even the ones I never exchanged a word with. Especially the ones I don't like. Majorly the ones I love. See you all around.
P.S.:"The cicada's song" is a reference to a joke Mephisto tells God in Goethe's Faust.
Carlyyyy Jun 2017
I wasn't born to live such a simple life
and then die
I am not here to follow rules
and abide everyone's wishes
I am not consistent.
I must have change.
Though, you may see it as a weakness
It is definitely a strength
It has showed me many loves
I love painting,
I love cooking,
I love kids,
And the good lord knows, too many tv shows.
I ride the waves of change to find a beautiful new view
Life becomes mine to live
And I love it
It may have started out as a coping mechanism for when I was a child, during some traumatic stressful situations. I would change my room around & organize the bookshelf in my grandma's house almost everyday but now I own it so I am much more happy with it
Ashlee Reyes Jan 2017
I can't look at the sky
I can't stare at the waves
Is happiness being by your side though
Knowing that i'll be gone in the morning
This love continuing to be unsaved

I want my eyes to forget your
I want my heart to forget
That I hadn't felt this whole
Ever since.

My lips can meet new ones
I can touch other faces
I can feel the enchanting heat of the sun,
But the thoughts of you remain
Without waste.

You remain
In fragments of my life
Even if it comes with a side of pain

The sky used to keep me sane
Until it's inconsistent patterns
Screamed your name

The waves used to be my muse
Until its source of joy in my life
Reminded me that in yours
I am not and am only of
Temporary use.
The Nada Nov 2016
Trees die
Flowers dry
Climates change
So will I

Animals extinct
Some lands sink
Worlds change
So will I

Feelings fade
Minds easily sway
People change
So will I
-The Nada
Kate Lion Feb 2013
convincing us we have "followers"
of what
our personality
our religion
our values
our way of life
there is nothing to "like" about inconsistent imperfection, am i right
trying to make each of us gods
before we have thoroughly proved anything to anyone about our worthiness
zero effort needed
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