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Tori Alva May 7
You dedicated it to me
Broke ideals on what good music was
My ears would never get tired of it
Heart beating to that unforgettable rhythm
the first word
Tori Alva May 7
I keep waiting for your name to
Pop up on my phone,
I must be daydreaming again
Tori Alva May 5
Maybe we weren’t meant to be
And that’s totally fine
But the hole you left in my heart
Will stay intact
Until I find someone worthy
Someone who won’t hurt me
The way YOU did
Tori Alva May 5
It’s nights like these where I need you to hold me,
and tell me everything is going to be just fine.
Tori Alva Apr 12
Why is it that we want things we can never have?
We long for them as if they’re meant to be ours
But they will never be
Tori Alva Apr 11
How many times do I have to repeat myself?
You are nothing.
Tori Alva Apr 8
Remember when you used to admire the moon?
It would shine brightly upon your window
Its white light brought hope to your eyes
But now it’s become dull
All you can see is darkness
A darkness that will slowly,
But surely consume you
Wake up already
You have to see the moonlight once again
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