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Armand 1d
I wish, I wish
I never played your game
I wish, I wish
I never knew your name
I wish, I wish
I never abandoned *******
I wish, I wish
I could get rid of this pain,
clear up my brain
And cleanse these veins
I wish, I wish
I wasn't going insane
She promised me she'd help me and always be there, or was it just I that made the promise?
Armand 4d
I can still see the stars in her eyes
And I can feel the skies in her hair
I long for her touch
And I miss her too much
Although we can never ever be
I still want her near me;
It causes me much pain
Yet I go and se her again
Just to feel like another galaxy
Has been born within me
We're just friends
Armand Mar 25
I'll have something
To put on my bread
I'll be counting
All my vacations instead
Of a few coins
For bread or maybe buns
I'll have my own place
And a friendly workspace

Someday when I get out of here: if I make it out of here
Armand Mar 12
It's been more than a thousand days
I've tried suicide a thousand ways
It never nearly fixed the issue
I just wanted to be near you
Today we are fiends no more
We are friends who adore
The best qualities in each other
Yet I want to be your lover
I started getting high when you left
'Cause I couldn't have slept
It was supposed to be minutes,
And through my nose, those bullets
Made me forget how to cry,
30 000 Hours, yet I'm still high
After all the pain we've caused each other, I'm glad we can have a conversation and spend time together as if it never happened. As if
Armand Mar 10
My mind:
Filled with memories
Of unkind
And remedies
For pain

My brain:
Is going insane
By the very thought
Of any distraught
Coming to you

It's a war in here,
I need you dear
I hope neither of us breaks each other
Armand Mar 3
At first
I took it as "you're busy"
You didn't leave
Then I started getting irritated
And angry
I begged you, but you didn't even listen
I wanted an answer at least
Then I realized I'm not worth
It broke me
Its tearing me up inside still,
But I have yet to accept
How can people leave after such a huge history. So many promises and memories shared
Armand Feb 22
All I ever sought was love
And to be adored
I found none of the above,
It seems that I'm abhorred

Sometimes I sit and wonder,
With my hands and arms bleeding
As I'm clenching the razor
"What am I not seeing!?"

It cannot, no it can't be fate
I wasn't born be hated
I wasn't born to even hate
So no, this cannot be fated

If fate wanted this to be read,
Then I shouldn't have bled
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