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Lainey 5d
Is it too soon
to miss your embrace?
To face the idea that having
You near is a place I’m mapping as a destination?
Is it too soon
To miss the sensation
Of your lips on my skin
Stirring within a feeling of hunger, elation?
Yet whether too soon comes the revelation that you are here and the fear is-
it doesn’t feel too soon.
Dani May 13
Is it worth it? After all we have done
And all that's been done to us.
Can we pretend darkness doesn't exist.
Fall without fearing the risk..
As if for the first time again
After all we have done and all that's been done to us.

Cause I am falling more with every lingering kiss
As you press close to me I forget about the risk.

Your touch is a harmony
Skin to skin, a perfect symphony
The warmth of you delights me
Your eyes are my sanctity
A sanctuary of a musical harmony
A year later, and he's been worth conquering my fears everyday!
دema Apr 1
you make me feel beautiful
in three ways;

one - by calling me beautiful,
two - by looking at me with such
loving eyes,
and most importantly,
three - by being with you
Latina1813 Jun 2018
You ask me about myself
But it doesnt matter
What I say
What we do
Cuz I'll fall asleep In Your arms
What movies do I like
What movie would we even complete
When ur warmth
Like a fire burning in me
Hibernating the feeling growing inside
I fell asleep in your arms
But it doesn't lay dormant
And emotions stir me
His eyes staring back at me
What is your favorite animal
Could that matter
Cuz ur warmth coats me
Like Siberian fur
And I cuddled you like a cub to mother
I fell asleep In your arms
To await the next question
Do u want to see me again?
Cuz I could fall asleep In your arms like an addiction
I could never kick
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
United States of Aa.

United States of apathy,
United States of anger;
United States of a *******,
I am the United States of Me.

United States of love,
United States of trust.
United States of dreams,
But I am never free.

United States of disharmony,
United States of tears;
United States of sorrow,
I have become united with my grief.

For attraction leads to speaking
And speaking can lead to a kiss.
A kiss leads us to touch each other
And to touch can lead to ***.

*** can lead to love
And love can lead to a need for each other,
That is incomparable,
To anything you’ve ever felt before.
For each time you fall in love,
It takes over you like the most addictive drug.

It’s somehow better than the last time,
At least that’s what you think.
But sooner or later you’ll realize,
The pain you felt the last time has reared its ugly head.

United States I wish to heal,
But only I can heal me.
United States of empathy,
I am the United States of Me.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Madaline Aug 2015
"He's a nice boy try not to get bored too easily."
You always praise me when I do well when we watch television quiz shows
And you turn around when I am getting undressed; which is ironic as it is not like my body is something that you haven't seen before.
You are a gentleman.
You don't care about negative things people have to say.
Almost feminine in your ways or maybe this society just effeminates the positive qualities that men possess.
I thumb your face it feels smooth, your eyes are small and dark but they feel so honest
Is it Wednesday or Thursday?
Time doesn't exist around you, nothing else really matters around you.
Your almost sociopathic calmness doesn't unnerve me
Getting your life together, from a boy to a man.
Making me feel like I am part of this transition radiates the attraction I feel.
I trust you not to pry through my belongings.
This probably isn't love but what I do feel is new and it is strong.
Thank you for cooking for me and
Thank you for showing me respect
It is all so refreshing, like a cold shower after you've been trapped in the heat all day
I had been trapped in the heat too long

I am so glad that I have you now
Sarah K Nov 2014
I should know better by now
But its the exhilarating feeling that gets me every time
I can't stop myself
And this time you're hard to read
I have absolutely no idea what you are thinking
I cannot help but be more than intrigued
Especially because usually I have the ability to read people like a magazine
But no
Not you
You are a completely new mystery

— The End —