Esther En Qin Apr 26

"I trusted you,how could you do this to me?"
"I never ask you to trust me,
you yourself placed your faith on me"

Esther En Qin Apr 16

For us,I will
Will you,for us?

Esther En Qin Feb 18

Just to let you know
I'm finally moving on now
after a year of you stuck in my head
tossing and turning every night before I sleep
finally I won't do that anymore

Just to let you know
I've learn from my mistakes
I learned that I should never trust someone too much
the fact that I trusted you too much
that you'll be forever mine
forever by my side
was a huge impact on me after you left

Just to let you know
If I see you again
You'll see a new me
I'll be a independent strong woman
You'll see how good my life is without you
That it'll make you wonder why you left me
That it'll make you want me back

Just to let you know
I won't ever look back
I'll officially stop thinking about you
I'll take a step further now
Anything that is left behind
I'll never go and get it back
because I'm finally moving on now

It is funny how
I gave so much advice to people
To be strong
fight back
never hide your feelings
Instead,I was the one who couldn't do it
after helping others to be strong
I was the one who isn't strong after all

Esther En Qin Jan 19

Countless times I told myself
Never ever fall in love easily

Countless times I told myself
Never ever repeat the mistakes

Countless times I told myself
Stop putting on high hope on someone

Countless times I told myself
Never trust someone easily

Countless times I told myself
Reminding dear self my heart is covered with scars

Countless times  I told myself
To be happy

Countless times I told myself
To put myself first instead of others

Countless times I told myself
To love myself more than others

Countless times I told myself
Stay away from from relationships

Because relationships
Was the reason to my scars
Of my heart that is now badly damaged

Esther En Qin Jan 13

Please tell me
I am more than just a friend

Please tell me
you love me more than just a friend

Is it true?
  That I am more than just a friend?

The way you hugged me
The way you made me laugh
The way you stood up for me
Be my partner for prom
When you know I'm alone

Please tell me
The actions you showed
The way you treated me
Was so much more than just a friend

People say we are together
A couple
That I had to deny
Although I was hoping
it would be true
And answer
"Yes ,we are together"

Because  I am waiting
Patiently waiting
For 6 years of friendship
Yet you haven't ask the question
That I've been eager to answer
"Yes,all this while I've been waiting for you"

Esther En Qin Jan 11

How are you?
I hope you are doing fine
but if you are not fine
here's a message for you.

I want you to know,
You cannot please everyone in this world
even you did something good,
something that helps the society
something that helps you,yourself
something that help your friends

There will be people unsatisfied with your actions
they'll haunt you with criticism
they'll compare you to someone better
they'll barge into your life
and bring you down

No matter how good you are
how kind you are
how talented you are
how much you wanted to be you
be yourself completely
You will never,ever
get to please every single one
in our society

I want you to know,
that I want you,
to be yourself.

Whether you are
transgender ,
love yourself.

Do what you love,
Do what you enjoy,
as long it can please you,
satisfy your day,
you are happy,
it'll make me happy.

I want you to know,
you have friends and family,
that'll always be by your side
they will help you through
the ups&down; in life.

Ignore what other people say about you
Do not let them pull you down
Be strong,
fight back,
move forward,
Care about what you think,
not what others think of you.

I hope you'll soon be fine,
I've been there,
I know how it feels.

My final message for you,
is to be you.

It is sad to see the society nowadays just keeps on giving negative comments on everything we do,I just want everyone to be yourself.
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