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"If you want to know,
what an Irishman thinks...
you best wait until,
-that Irishman drinks."

Once in thoughting so profound,
exhilarated with a bottle found. . .
. . .slake'd it up yet still I got it,
passed-out drunk, woke up, forgot it?

At some point explanations run thin,
-and the truth reveals itself.
...are a study on a subject matter
that someone else has undertaken
on your behalf.
Tyler Morrison Oct 2015
beset by death we dine
with possibility and choice
Edna Sweetlove Jun 2015
Kissing your granny goodnight and she slips you the tongue.
Tyler Morrison Apr 2014
When we shed light on something
we simultaneously cast a shadow.
Tyler Morrison Apr 2014
Love is the resounding ring produced from two harmonious notes.

— The End —