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lionness Jan 25
i wake up,
cough up the poison i swallowed
trying to ****
the piece of you that
lives in me.

the flavor of your breath
still fresh on my tongue,
after seven years,
the saltiness of your sweat,
the cool metallic taste of
your blood.

i remember it all.

i want to forget.

i want to shed this skin
handwash these stains you left
on my soul
with warm water
and sweet smelling soaps.

kick down the door
of this home you built
in my mind
and burn it to the ground.

this is mine
you can not stay here,
lionness Jan 25
i spent nine years
tuning out
quiet lullabies

three years
burning your fingertips
off my skin

nine years reclaiming
this body
this soul

wanting to be clean
untouched, unseen

a lifetime of washing away sin
lionness Nov 2018
silence echoes where
music once played

we dance to
nothing at all

lifeless eyes
blinking away tears

hips moving to
an empty rhythm

                           do you remember
                                        when we were young?
lionness Nov 2018
he folded love into
tiny envelopes,
gave me a wet
kiss on the cheek,
left fingerprints on
my gravestone,
took everything i had
from me

left to spend the winter
with animated corpses
my skin balmy from
their heat
my hands clammy from
the snow
my days consumed with
lights and warm bodies
in this place where
fallen angels
lionness Oct 2018
your hair like a cloud
your body like a baptism
you kissed my feet
like i was holy
our lives all tangled
blessed with newness
and beauty

you were
my fall from grace
my little reverie
come to life

our days
filled with smoke
our nights
filled with sleeplessness
together, lost in the thrills
the little green pills and
hundred dollar bills
together, lost in each other
all sweat and breath and love and skin
the sun fell out
the day we let the darkness in

our sweetest fragileness
our hearts made from silk
our home a secret that
brokenness built.
lionness Oct 2018
in the neon lights
in the damp city smog
on a cold december midnight
watching snowflakes dissolve
on our jacket sleeves

we wore a glow of newness
we were the first of our kind
adam and eve
god's finest creation
lost in our paradise
eating forbidden fruits
drunk on sin and wonder

                              "this can't end well.
                               we do it nonetheless."
lionness Oct 2018
fear has kept
it's cold hands
over my mouth

i've seen seven
little flames
snuffed out

before they could grow
enough to burn the forest

i screamed for help
through metaphors but
you never heard a sound

i ran faster than
my feet could hit the ground

i looked for a reason
for all of this
and blood was all i found
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