ThePoet Oct 2017
Just because
I bear
the pain,
it doesn’t
mean it’s

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
ThePoet Aug 2017
I told you I would die
Just to keep you alive
But you kissed me goodbye
And died so I'd survive

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
ThePoet Jul 2017
We're the shield
in all of their wars,
while we stand on
our battlefield alone

We spend so much
time saving other
lives, we forget
to save our own

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
ThePoet Jul 2017
I'm scared of the tears

that I don't cry

The days like this

that I don't die

I'm scared of the pain

that slips my mind

It comes back harder

than what I left behind

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Feels good to write again.

Thank you everyone for your support. (:
ThePoet May 2017
My desire
of wanting you
was greater
than my
pleasure of
having you.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
ThePoet Mar 2017
Bleed and bleed
until there's
no more blood
Weep and weep
until there's
no more tears
Fall and fall
until you
can't stand up
Scream and scream
until there's
no more fears

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
ThePoet Feb 2017
I have oceans of
but my words
are numb
These shallow
lines of
my heart has

I've been strong
for so long,
but it's made
me weak
And these
screams in
my dreams,
are the
I speak

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
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