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ThePoet Sep 2022
They oppose the poor
and the truth tellers,
deflecting modesty
among the crowd

They close the door
with the gossiping sellers,
rejecting honesty
strong and proud
ThePoet Dec 2020
We were gifted sleep so we could only
have visions of madness
And bestowed eyes that would only
cry tears of sadness

We were granted arms so we could only
fend against the violence
And blessed with ears that would only
hear ignores and silence

We were gifted hands so we could only
hold the weight of the earth
And bestowed minds that would only
think less of our worth

We were granted feet so we could only
run away from the dangers
And blessed with hearts that would only
confide in the strangers

We were gifted lives so we could only
plea for our own deaths
And bestowed lungs that would only
breathe meaningless breaths

We were granted mouths so we could only
converse in our screams
And blessed with bodies that would only
feel alive in our dreams
  Jul 2020 ThePoet
As days go by

As poets pass

The friend we make

Who now departs

But as I look back

And reminisce

There's that one friend I made

Who I'll surely miss

Who inspired my writing

Intrigued my mind

To whom the world out there

Was not always kind

Yet wrote on and on

Of love and of pain

Of hope and of sorrow

Which she could not contain

That sparked into words

And roared like a flame

A friend - fellow poet

A star, became

So thank you, my friend

For your inspired works

That set upon this open sky

Explode like fireworks
To ThePoet - Sarah Ahmed. An amazing poet who inspired me to continue writing through her work. I hope you'll continue to provide us with the opportunity to read your poetry and inspire many others to write and continue writing
I'm not saying she's leaving us. This is just what came to mind as I started writing
ThePoet Jul 2020
Why do we use dark impressions
to help heal our broken souls?
When we are simply just killing
what has already been destroyed

Why do we use dark expressions
to help patch our wounded holes?
When we are merely just filling
emptiness within an empty void
ThePoet Jun 2020
The heart never stops sinking
And it’s felt low and immensely
High and intensely

An emotional seizure

The mind never stops thinking
And it’s thought deep and over caring
Cold and overbearing

Death is our leisure
Borderline Personality Disorder
ThePoet Oct 2019
Sometimes we find
that our inners hide
Unable to break free
from their confines
So we let them grow
and overflow inside
To course through the
veins of all our lines
ThePoet May 2018
I wasn’t
born a
I was
raised a
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