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Kyra Embers Aug 26
Stranger behind this digital veil,
I am assuming this is another one of
Cupid’s play
Tell me, it’s one other summer fling
Or do I anticipate it to be a real thing?

Will you detest my individuality
And try castigating my intellect?
Would you be the supportive Prince Charming
Only heard of?

Would I hear guitar strings strum,
As love crawls in to find its way,
Even then,
Would it, be love?

Could we possibly Make up to the distance?
The warmth, the fireworks of each other’s presence
Amidst the epidemic that has interfered

Would we  Rave endlessly?
Talking all night,
Choosing each other
Over Morpheous’s arms.
Obsessing over little that are suddenly cute

Would we look deranged, with a constant smile?
Hushed voices, muffled giggles,
Lost, chuckling into our phones.
The very type I’ve always made fun of.

Would it be a Disney movie?
Say, a tad more magical?
Could I really judge you,
with a mere photo?

It could be the a summer drizzle
Or go down the drain.
Farce and adherence
Have been my metier
Assuring amazement
To be mundane.

Dear new immigrant,
Enrolling for my heart,
Hoping you’re the yin,
To my yang.
one other poem
Agata Ewa Jul 15
sings hollow in my ears
my every attempt at breath
i come up
crawl towards the shore
find silence again
submerged my mind freezes
time stops
hands shake
it will be okay
if you ever hear from him again
Agata Ewa Jun 29
can you try too hard
too much
too strong
too fast
I cannot stop my thoughts
they circle and circle
and find you again
am I falling?
how can I, if I cannot recall your face
Agata Ewa Jun 27
I can see you from the distance
Ginger hair and tall figure
Then your arms lift me up
Close, my heartbeat fastens
Your voice reaches deep
Your pace is fast
Am I chasing after you already?
will you let me catch up
I see you look at me
Your eyes, a puzzle
What you’re hiding
are you with me, or else
far away
lost to me
we laugh and talk
time flies
moment flickers
you were mine only then
Agata Ewa Jun 27
it consumes me
inside out
I feel my lungs filling up with doubts
I feel my heartbeat fastening like a drum on a summer eve
I feel it
All over my body
My head swarms with buzzing thoughts
Leave me in peace
For years, I have a doubt
Which I still could not make out
Was it your beautiful face
That made me lose my pace
Or the moon-like eyes
Which kindled my love to rise
Was it perhaps your lip
That gave me a beautiful slip
Or was it your cute cheek
Which played with me hide n' seek
Was it your charming smile
Which threw my heart away a mile
Or your twinkling white teeth
That made me pause to breathe
Was that the rainbow eyebrow
That caused my feelings to grow
Or your cute, timid walk
That gave my nerves a shock
Was it your long black hair
That made me simply stare
Or your elegant eyelash
That gave upon my face a bash
I still could not figure out what
How you did enter my heart
The questions that nag inside me
Has got no answer at all to see
But I am unaware till now
How I did fall in love.
I still wonder, how I fell for you!
Ainsley May 25
At times i feel so lonely
I feel like i have no one to share a shoulder when i cry
I miss being loved
I just feel like screaming so that this world would hear my voice..
I am not alone..
But am tragically Lone...
I miss my own past..
I miss me
but...a good friend of mine said "time is a great healer.."....hope time heals me..
Jenish May 13
Yes, I built a boundless blue sky
For me and my fancies to fly
Countless cotton candy clear clouds
Flying in flocks like swimming doubts.

Yes, there lightning flashes thunders
When my mood do stupid blunders
Dropping snow, showering bright sun
In a day as mind wishes fun.

Pouring rain and swirling wind blows
When my thoughts and reactions rose
But my sky go moonless at night
As my eyes close ending star sight.

Yes, 'll let your ship fly my zone
When mind merges singing same tune.
Were you lost, were you gone?
Were you somewhere else at the time?
Not around, leaving town?
If only the timing was right
Maybe then we would've been fine

You protecting a friend?
Is that why you wouldn't call me for months on end?
Too scared to make sense?
Always afraid to get hurt again
But if not now then when?

Were you busy being cool?
Baby who you trying to fool?
Didn't know who to choose?
Somebody making you lose your mind,
The way that you're making me lose mine?
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